Planet Zoo Hands-On Preview – Cuteness in a Pressure Cooker

We go hands-on with Planet Zoo, which looks like it has all the depth of Planet Coaster but with bonus adorable animals Subscribe to IGN for more!


  1. I can't wait for this game to come out, yet to hear if Meerkats will be init though because no Zoo is complete without those cheeky little chaps <3

  2. The only the type of zoo that should remain functional in the 21st century – a digital one.
    You want to play? Animals want to play too. So let the do it freely out in the open!

  3. I hope the guest AI is better than Zoo Tycoon. All I had was drink stands Burger Stands and Bathrooms and people still were thirsty, hungry, and needed to go to the bathroom. I had to pick them up and drop them in front of the buildings and then they would go.

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