Photographer Spotlights the Kids Who Helped Legalize Weed | NowThis

‘It might be your child.’ — This photographer documents the children whose lives were saved by cannabis and helped legalize it. » Subscribe to NowThis: …


  1. I think if it is used as a medicine it should be legal. If people use it to "get high" for their personal benefit, it should be illegal.

  2. The nursing home where my mom resides after a massive stroke, last year, has allowed her to have CBD oil but they will not administer a CBD/THC tincture since cannabis is illegal and a schedule 1 drug. The law needs to change ASAP!

  3. Most of our government is to stupid to see all the benefits to Cannabis that or there special interest come before sick children you pick

  4. This, & how it's helped me with insomnia & several mental emotional issues, are all overdue miracles. The 6 downvotes are not humans, have no hearts, souls, compassion, any of dozens of medical, mental illness & emotional issues, and hopefully have no kids or pets.

  5. My family works with medical cannabis, and to say the least, it has a bad reputation, in reality it is just a plant like any other disguising drug that was used wrongfully! But any plant can be saved to be used on a better use!

  6. Our politicians do not represent us. They would rather us die. " we the people " demand representation! Now!!!!!!!!

  7. This is the important part of cannabis legalization. Weed is a fun drug but CBD doesn't have any recreational use, it's a medication and needs to be on the market legally, with or without the recreational good stuff. Texas law is basically Baptist so I expect my state will be last or nearly last to legalize recreational marijuana. CBD is now legal here but there aren't enough dispensaries and access is still too restricted.

  8. Cannabis is medicine. I've seen it time and again, in young people and older folks, for minor conditions all the way up to stage 4 cancer. Cannabis is my life; the technology of growing of and giving it to those in need. Yet somehow I still have a pot felony- in Colorado. It's time We the People stood together and insisted on rational drug laws.

  9. Emotional, informational, Powerful. They should legalize internationally. Let it be a choice both for recreational or medical reasons.

  10. I support this 💯 we need to decriminalize weed everywhere. Thank you for showcasing these beautiful people, they deserve the best treatment possible.

  11. I support this 100%! These innocent, beautiful souls deserve whatever treatment that will benefit them the most. I wish TN would approve medical. Opioids do NOTHING for my chronic pain, not even Fentanyl.

  12. I know this is solemn and serious and all but the part about the kid suddenly getting an appetite after taking weed made me chuckle a little.

  13. Weed is the healing of the nation, I hope and pray that its legal in every corner of the world, this is a very eye opening video thanks for sharing peace and God bless you all stay safe and well

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