1. Thanks for watching all! My, this episode ended up reaching 100K views. Who'd have thunk it for such a dry topic? lol All the mentioned links and links to pH adjustment products can be found in the video description!

  2. I am having the most difficult time keeping my pH level the same from day to day. I’m using a top trip hydroponic recirculating system. Can you help?

  3. I just took a nap photo of the chart. Very helpful. Ive been ph-ing my soil thinking its should be about 5.5 to 6.2. Thanks for the video my good sire’.

  4. Hey i m using warm casting with backyard soil along with coco peat and perlite….. What should be optimal ph range for this medium?

  5. Hey Lex

    I feed my auto flower plants today.  Checked the run off and the soil PH on all 4 plants at at 5.0 or 5.1  and the ppm is over 4000.

    Crazy numbers 

    I'm thinking about adding lime and watering it in or doing a flush.

    What would you suggest?

  6. my ph was abit high and i never checked it untill after. You see i added more nutes than usually and it was lye but i topped them off with safe p.h ..will they be ok

  7. Muito Obrigado irmão !!! aqui no Brasil o conhecimento é muito pouco ! quem intende se recusa a ajudar os outros !!!
    thank you very much!

  8. Hi Lex always greAt info.want to ask why my waters ph is usually off growing in soil ,have 4 ,12 to 14 day old plants the water I use in a 1 liter bottle I mixed .I make sure ph is 6.5 and next day it's 5.9 ,I keep it in a dark corner .also want to ask will it mess up the plant I checked ph at 6.5 when I waters the last time , don't know why but my head told me to check ph again and it was 6.0 6.1hope that did not stress them to much guess I'll find out .should I put a air bubbles in the water will that help thanks

  9. so you`d run ph 8 in flower in soiless hey? bad idea. wrong end of the spectrum for flower time. should be lower for less nitro"

  10. #TOMARS
    if it wasnt for this video id still be sitting here twiddling my thumbs thinking about what to do and where to start
    thanks heaps Lex 🙂

  11. My water I get is 7.8 but when I add my nutes it goes in the 4s, and I’ve gotta add 5 pippets full to bring it up to 6 can anyone help.

  12. I learned that as long as you ph your water between 6-7 many marijuana types will grow. Im using 3 CFC T5 and grow light in the red spectrum and my plant is awesome. I have femmed it topped it and it looks like a well kept bush. I give it natural sunlight everyday. I didnt overflood my plant with two much nutrients. In the beginning for nutes I had expert all purpose plant food, fish fertilizer by Alaska, I made cal mag from crushed egg shells and Epsom salt blended together. Not such a great idea to grow in the winter from seeds it takes so long and the growth is very gradual this was indoor. House was warm but a slow process. I had like 2 white strawberry skunk seed and two blueberry haze and Ak seeds only one white strawberry skunk seed survived. That shall be my mother plant.

    Now its in full veg growing like a weed no pun intended. I am using Big bloom and grow big by Fox Farm, Super thrive, and my fish fertilizer and this plant has lost its mind every day there are new leaves and I will take clones from her. Give her some Super thrive and in her nutrient water and nurse her for a week. then I wish flush her and put her on 12-12 lighting and feed her big bloom grow big and Tiger bloom

  13. What about stunted growth? No signs at all of nutrient deficiencies, led lighting, fan(oscillating), exhaust fan (4"), humidity 65-70%, temperature 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, coco mix ( food/ water, water, no water), ph 6.5, and co2 generator. It has been two weeks and not the best growth in my experience (only two inches in height) looks healthy and already has a nice odor. Does seem to have been stressed at some point (purple stemming). At this point I'm thinking I got some bad seeds but they sprouted so fast I had hopes for a strong plant. What do you think?.. Would appreciate your knowledgeable opinion on this.

  14. Hey, I keep running into info about drastically changing the PH from veg to flower but this video seems to determine that it should remain at a constant value. I'm growing a very special strain and I want to get the most out of it. The conditions are perfect so far but how do I avoid screwing up later on? My PH is 6.0 right now and I'm growing in soil. The plants are 3 week old seedlings under a 1000w LED (1000W is just output, is uses less actually electricity than my bedside lamp).

  15. I just made an insane discovery today using a home dehumidifier, the ph range of water from a normal home dehumidifier will always come out about 6.5. And the standard PPM for the hardness will be about 53 depending on the water that is in your air and other surrounding factors. You may wanna test this, but this is about standard. So, your water range is actually in the primary range for growing pot. This is water that's free, and the water is replenished just because of you breathing or even being in the room. Good gardening.

  16. I was just checking up on this & boom you have it!!! Stay so impressed with your info & charts you use. I recieved my giveaway gift!!! Thankyou soooo much!!

  17. Growers Beware.. 

    This guy has basic knowledge, sometimes not even that accurate and can be off base. I've applied some of his methods in the past and they absolutely were not successful tips!!!! Take what this dude says with a grain of salt; he is far from any type of "guru" (although I do not believe he is claiming to be one). Do your own research, and of course experiment yourself with your own grows. Keep it simple and don't overcomplicate shit. If you really want to get detail oriented with it then research the ideal pH for the particular strain you are growing by reading grow logs, journals, etc. Plants have different genetics just like us, and are all unique in their own right, cannabis is no different. What works for one, may not work for the other..and so on, etc..

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