1. Less crappy music, more instructions please. Why you would think an instructional video requires a slapstick score is beyond me.

  2. Let’s have a debate on where 420 came from. Time of day, temperature to Vape, or time of year or maybe something else.

  3. I have just received my Pax 3 today – no user manual!! – so I am having to scour the internet for instructions on how to assemble and use. Also the App is not pairing……not impressed so far!

  4. very good video. I bought the pax 3 and the user manual didnt really explain how to use it or control the temperature

  5. I paired my Pax3 with the app the first time I used it but it doesn't seem to connect anymore. I tried reinstalling the app but that didn't work. Any suggestions? Maybe the vape needs to be reset to 'forget' the previous pairing? Thanks!

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