1. Weed's gotten weaker since the 70's. They tell you it's stronger but they lie. Anyway why is Paul naked? Aliens are our descendants from the future and they do definitely wear clothing. They say "ancient aliens" but only because they have space craft that can go forward or backwards in time. Another thing you're not supposed to know. Honestly it's hard to watch shows like this because it shows how stupid people are to fall for and believe any lie as long as it's mainstream. Just pathetic.

  2. 1355 west 44pl CUBAN CULTURE HERITAGE bulavar the breath of life CPR Cuban power robbery the return it's judgement day

    JESUS BLUE FLAME =PROJECT BLUE BEAM MJ 12DISIPLE SKULL 13. 999 JESUS starships I come with the GOD valosity MATRIX MARINE MESSIAH the one that set the devil on FIRE JESUS BLUE FLAME eternal tarestial

    JESUS terrestrial GOD valosity

    Paul my CUZIN

  3. Just the notion of two Brits and an American girl toking on a number with an alien around a campfire is amusing enough. The rest of the movie was frosting on the awesome-cake.

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