Paradise Waits Truflower & the Return Medical Marijuana Review Florida

Hey guys thanks for watching this train with a cross between scarlet fire and Harley Quinn was a little bit iffy on buying it because of the Harley Quinn being a …


  1. I took advantage of the buy one get one 40% off and got 2 syringes of distillate at vidacann. Pck and kush cake very potent stuff another good experience at vidacann for me

  2. If i smoke or vape any sytivas or alot of hybrids my anxiety gets bad. Even first thing. I wake up with itπŸ˜’. I dont like crumble at all. Smashes at the bottom or turns to dust. Will be looking this week for some more indica flower from tru 😜. Mandarin or puck come on down. God bless tim

  3. Hey I always go to the one in Sarasota it’s amazing they always have different products to crumble or shatter and rosin are all awesome so you’ll be happy and I’m excited to get some reviews because I only shop at Trulieve plus discounts

  4. I am on a trulieve break since they lost my order and I had an awful experience last time i was there with their security! 🀬 have an extra hit for me, buddy. I envy everyone enjoying paradise πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°

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