Overall Inflammation Healing : Binaural Beats Rife Frequencies – Inflammatory Pain Relief

Overall Inflammation Healing : Binaural Beats Rife Frequencies – Inflammatory Pain Relief #GVS802 with Relaxing Music by Binaural Beats Meditation (Good …


  1. erase pain full body best healing remove pain body full knee bones hips back body all best remove erase all part body

  2. We listen twice in a row the cyst drained overnight. We are eternally grateful for your work and we thank you heart and soul.

  3. IAM using this for a siatick nerve . It's helping it really gets in deep you can feel the vibes on pressure points. I have experienced pain whil it
    Does it's thing but to be expected siatick nerve very painful muscels vary tight around the nerev cuts off circulation. This has helped.

  4. Merci merci à chaque fois que jai des douleur au dos je l'écoute le soir en mendorment et cela calme mes douleurs du dos.. merci merci . Love

  5. I have chronic depression but after reading studies about anti inflammatory aids to decrease your bodies inflamed immune response, this is part of my personal research and it’s already made me feel calmer at least

  6. Literally felt a change in might body as soon as i heard the first symphony. its like it released the tension and stress which led to a shiver.

  7. BUDIZM YOGA and meditation and hypnosis iş polished with the system of idolatry in the thought that as a result of 21st century

  8. Hi, this is my first time listening to this and I was wondering how long it took for each of you to find relief from pain, sleep well, and wake up feeling refreshed. Been suffering from chronic pain and inflammation since being hit by a car almost 19 months ago. I feel encouraged by everyone else's comments though and am daring to be hopeful! I am just over 17 minutes into this music. Thank you! God bless!

  9. I have never felt so relaxed and refreshed when I listen to your music and I wish I had some way to repay you!
    You are a pure genius when it comes to healing and sleeping.
    Anyway I cannot say thank you for taking the time to think about others you deserve a medal

  10. I am suffering from nausea and vomiting. 🤮😩 It’s so hard. I can’t eat properly for one week already. 😭

  11. I had my nose reset a week ago and experience disrupted sleep and frequent headaches. This music helps relax me so much. Thank you!❤️

  12. vann tokéletesen érzem magam . ha izom lázam van az meg azért van mert én dolgozom nem ugy mint ti :))))))))))megmondtam kevesek vagytok :)))))))) én sosem halok meg :))))) orokké élek :)))))))) gyurjatok még algoritmusok :)))))))

  13. j'avais des douleurs inexpliquées aujourd'hui dans le corps, j'ai écouté et c'est magique,parti! j'écoute d'autres fréquences avec vous et c'est toujours super. merci infiniment. I translate: had unexplained pains all over the body today and after hearing this,all gone! I also.listen to other of your frequencies and it's always magic thank you so much!!

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