Over watering cannabis update 2019

plant evaporation can vary from day to day, some of the plants have been over watered, i let them dry out and picked bad leaves and watch for healthy leaves to …


  1. you should knock to bottom out of pots outside before you grow. takes a lot of worry about over water and will let you go longer between watering. roots will go into mother earth. good luck, like vidioes

  2. Awesome information thanks again for taking the time to do these videos. And a big shout-out to the purple stem thanks for showing it I really like that plant. Okie dokie stay cool peace out

  3. Thanks brother for the info..
    You always seem to do a video on the problem I'm having..
    Much love and appreciation from Da Homie Gnomie..

  4. Hey Ty,

    I was wondering what your opinion is of cloth pots and why you don’t have them. I am a beginner so they’re excellent for me so I don’t make an overwatering mistake; but I feel like they’re fool proof. Anyways they’re looking great can’t wait to see those buds soon brother!

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