1. Bro your on the rite track l, if you look a little further you’ll see what your looking for, stop talking about miracle grow nobody’s listening

  2. I'm running organic right now. Reusing and mixing my own soil adding amendments, shoot for 15-30-15 NPK ratio with additives. Going to look into Beneficial cover crops next year. Stuff like Hairy Vetch/White Clover for nitrogen fixation.

    Anyway, should've kept the kitty pool tech on the low! lookin forward to an update.

  3. Try to eat the best you can..support your local farmers…organic or not….your garden kicks ass …period….
    Oh Canada 🇨🇦

  4. Definitely veg indoor for bigger plants to kick of the season, they will get big! In my case , it’s 120 degrees out here right night now, but my plants getting nice inside, once we back at 85 degrees again, out they go to purple as the temps drop.

  5. Bro u think u no how to grow hella good man any1 can grow bud its just a weed even a 10 yr old can grow u making it seem like ur a fukn pro fuk outa here bet u got wack ass cheap seeds n miracle grow is for fukn house plants who uses miracle grow for bud plants hahahahahha

  6. I thought it was the veg cycle that made the size difference but no one has really talked about it. Thanks for all the content, peace brother.

  7. Looks like everything is coming out good I would love to smoke a bowl of that stuff you grow. If I ever hit the lottery I will come to your house and we will get blasted he he. Great job my friend

  8. kelp and molasses i used for years and chicken manurer or bat guano week 6 of flower i tried it works fine…i got all my stuff from home depot ,,, the maxi grow and bloom is the way to go.. you don't need cal mag or silica…you don't need cal mag with maxi grow read the back…i picked up the liquid koolbloom for the first 3 weeks of flower the koolbloom powder is wicked powerful..organic is a bitch your gone get all kinds problems..

  9. That miracle grow is fine. It has ammonium form of nitrogen which is slow release compared to nitrates which are immediately available. Ammonium doesn't burn your plants, your plants uptake the nitrogen when they need it which is why they sometimes harder to flush. The ammonium forms of nitrogen are best early in plant life because it gives the plant all the nitrogen they need when they need it unlike nitrates. Nitrates are immediately available and plants uptake all of it, meaning plants can stop focusing on root development and other important functions in order to accommodate the nitrates. This can lead to beautiful outer canopy but a very weak root structure. Which can the lead to a weak harvest and even health problems. Just know that it can take 2 weeks to flush miracle grow if you are using it at full strength on normal sized plants. But you aren't using at full strength and your plants are fukin massive meaning they use up that ammonium sooo fast. Sorry for knowledge bomb. Thanks for showing your ways!

  10. Easy way to go organic is build your self a supersoil !! Look up subcool super soil recipe. Will only need to water threw out veg and do some top dressings and teas during bloom.

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