1. Hats off to you bug nugz and twisted roots this garden is absolutely beautiful i think its the most beautiful one ive seen yet this year!!! Nothing like Michigan bud outside when you do it this good it will smash all indoor bud🤘🤘👍👍

  2. Quick question aslo had a heap of seeds come up and some started to go yellow and die back and a couple of them do that when there putting second main leaves out two much water or not enough ? Have them in seed rasing mix and even tried in coco / perlite same thing happened didn't happen last year or to my old man's plants only just spring here 85/90f days already they are all outside. They start off pumping then some start going yellow and not doing much or dying back. Please help

  3. Big hugz for Big Nugz 😘 💪
    I have the purple doja I'm going to pop. His king cake is awesome too. Shout out Toy 👊
    Them girls are looking beautiful 🌿 when I grow a strain for the 1 at time I like to let it do it's thing, learn that strain. So I get it completely. Big trees girl 🔥
    One day maybe I can put em outside too more hopefully lol.
    Seriously love your garden 🌿
    Great job beautiful lady 🌿 😘
    Shout out twiz. 💪 👊
    Cheers lady, love ya 😘

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