Outdoor Cannabis Marijuana Plants Early July

Another warm one here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada; and my plants are just loving it. I have 17 white berry indica plants growing, two are ready for harvest.


  1. I have a question for you. I noticed recently that a few farms around me are growing industrial hemp- those assholes! anyways , is there any way to protect my now just starting to bud plants? I'm so pissed off right now!!!!

  2. Hey, I transplanted foot tall clones outside on July 1st in southwestern Ontario, Canada and I was wondering about your estimation of the yield if I harvest say, beginning of October?

    I believe they are all indica, but one might be a sativa or hybrid. I am using blood and bone meal fertilizer.

  3. Beautiful plants brother. I'm growing in Ontario Canada as well, but a lot further South than you……Toronto area. My first question is, what seed breeder or company are the White Berry from and secondly, do they finish flowering in Ontario's short growing season outdoors, or do you have to initiate flowering by bringing them indoors under 12/12 light? Happy growing brother. Cheers

  4. you metioned healing your furbabies… did you give them the oil or how did you do it. So very interested in this. Thanks from Australia

  5. Nice garden beautiful plants…The orange buckets and white buckets that you move in and our….Where they topped a lot…Can you share any info…Thank You Santa Cruz California

  6. If anyone reads this I have a "in the ground" grow. My 18 plants are reaching 7' x 6' dia. they are flowering but I want to stimulate the THC growth and I want to know if anybody has some suggestions? For now I've been making up a compost tea with worm castings chicken crap, another nutrient that's just got potassium in it no nitrogen or phosphate and a little bit of blooming nutrients from Scotts Miracle-Gro but I don't use much of that. What I was going to do was take the an empty bottle from The Scotts Miracle-Gro liquid feed and put house and Gardens shooting power mix with water , hook it up to my garden hose just like if I was doing a feeding with M.Grow liquid feed.

  7. I grow in buckets too, i found out that the more holes i put all around the buckets the bigger my plants got. They love the oxygen to there roots. The only downside is i have to water more often

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