1. Thanx, for the demo. ❤️ I noticed that you were careful to keep the plants acclimated to the sane direction of the compass, was that intentional, it is something I always do because replanting is such a shock and I figure they don't need to be lost directionally!?!?

  2. Good to see you hard at it Maine Girl. Lotta work there for a little girl, and no I didn't mean that as a sexist remark, fuck its work for anyone. 😂 Anyway I'll Just leave you with this, Peace and Love to you and yours and a few Hippie Beadz to remind you what your grateful for. ✌💚and Much Respect 👊😎

  3. That was so fun to watch. I cant wait to be able to grow outdoors. When is the perfect time to start when growing outdoors?

  4. Just Imagine… 3 months and it's a TREE … High Sweetie, Hope to get to a sesh this year, heading in for hip surgury this week…. Smoke a Fatty For Patty….lolol

  5. Nice to see u back main girl hey I wondering how long should I like my plants in shade they are coming from inside to outside? Can't wait see how ur garden comes along this year

  6. So Awesome to have your Content available-Community appreciates your knowledge and shared techniques👍Keep Killin It🌱🌴🌼💚

  7. NH checkin in. Looking good. Was in the 207 yesterday dropping off lights to growers in Bristol area. Have a successful summer!

  8. So great so see ya sweetie!! Thanks for having us in for the planting!! The ladies couldnt be in better hands!! Cheers love!

  9. It's always good to see you main girl. Hope your crop comes out great I'm sure it will you're a good grower. Miss seeing you around peace

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