1. WOWK: Narcan per the Cabell County Attorney's Office for the Mayor informed me by phone is PAID FOR BY A GRANT! NO COST TO CABELL COUNTY. I called the Mayor's office when the 27 ODs happened in one day and got into a heated discussion over this very matter and the cost to us as taxpayers in the City. So which Attorney is the liar or has this changed and Cabell County is NOW paying for NARCAN? Someone has some explaining to do. Why does the news not check into this matter for us? Do we as citizens of Huntington really want this MAYOR who can not fix a fire truck, lets it run out of oil and say where the city user fee is being spent have control over the money??? I for one do not AGREE or think so and what about all of the loved ones lost and those families taking care of the DEADS children. Grandparents and Great-grandparents??? They get little if any help in raising the kids of the DEAD lost loved ones! I hope everyone is aware and watching what is being said and what is a FACT and what is NOT! Bottom line this Mayor Steve Williams does NOT need in control of any MONEY that may come our way! He has received many awards and writeups and yet nothing is done about the GANG problem in our city and it has been here and getting worse for decades! Note: Republican President Trump has sent MILLIONS to this state via all kinds of this and that! Do you all want the MONEY or perhaps the days of 8 years with Bamma boy and NO MONEY in this state and the mess we are all living in and cleaning up now? Do you own research regarding your VOTE! Election 2020. Every one of those on our City Council needs to be made to answer some tough questions and the rest of the GANG! DA and sentencing and Deals, Judges and most of all the WV Legislature which has done little of nothing. There is a lot of blame to go around and we as voters had better stop listening to vile corrupt politicians and when they are not doing what they PROMISE go bye-bye! Am I crazy or does no one think that the families now raising these kids should not get something ?? Billions on the table and NOT a word about this!

  2. The War on drugs has been a total failure for decades with Trillions of dollars wasted and hundreds of thousands of families affected.
    The people that are going to do drugs are going to do them no matter what you say so stop wasting our tax dollars.

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