1. These junkies simply need to learn how to act socially acceptably, grow some work ethic, grow some balls (or ovaries, as the case may be), stop using dope that likely wasn't their prescription to start with, go through the 3 day headache and get the fuck on with life. I've had to use pain meds for weeks a couple time throughout life and I quit when it was time. Not that it was fun or comfortable but it was time to quit. No big deal. OR do it til you die so the rest of us don't have to trip over your sissy asses anymore and pay for your dope while you're hanging out moaning about the bad hand you were dealt in life. A lot of us got a bad hand and we are not nodding around sniveling about it!

  2. Good afternoon my name is Freddie Rivera and I am Born in New York City in King county hospital raised in the Bronx Cypress Avenue so now here I am on Sebastian now we're through methadone I kick 140 minutes on my own. Off all medication thinking I was adopted call my friend Johnny talk from the top 59 Street if it is I got it I got to Bellevue Hospital now I'm on Suboxone when I first when I first started it I started with two I won the two for now today I took one in the morning and now I took another one I'm breaking it down myself because I don't even want nothing no type of drugs I can't wait to become government and take all drugs and throw them away and now I Surrender so that's why I'm able stickers, monsters in the boat and they could do it too because God is always watching over us like we wash down here television so my brothers and sisters that's on Edition have faith in our father that's in heaven always watching that he will give you the strength and Hope to leave everything alone because he is the cure of all paying down here in this world Freddie Rivera vs Cypress

  3. I had to move to the UK where treatment and methadone is free after 17 years fighting this shit. Had numerous catastrophic relapses when I'd be laid off or something and couldn't make a clinic payment of 95usd weekly. Can't pay, they just admin detox you out which is basically a death sentence when you're on 100mg daily for 5 plus years, and all you've accomplished is washed away.

  4. Diazepam under supervision of a dokter ONLY for the days the withdrawal last helped allot!!! Yet i relapsed again for the 7th time.. going to detox clinic today verry scared

  5. Was on subs for 3 years I'm 23 now I quit I'm pretty sick but personally I think just quit being on subs and shit isn't the answer it gives you time to relax but you can't move on with life while on it I wish I would have just stopped but I figured I don't wanna stop so I might as week get a little high on subs and do it safely than be sick all the time and get really high and possibly die withdrawl sucks suboxone isn't as bad as dope it lasts twice as long but is half as intense fair trade I think we'll until the second week that is

  6. You didn't mention insomnia!! When you trying to quitt cold turkey , the major pain and suffering let's up in about 2 weeks time ! However one can say good by to sleep for about 6 month ! I once went into the bush whit a tent and some supplies to kick the hobbit . In 4 weeks time I slept maybe 5-6hours ALL TOGETHER ! In the first 2 weeks I didn't sleep a wink ! In the second half I slept an hour here an hour there ! It v was the hardest thing to endure ! I was so exhausted, but it doesn't matter sleep simply won't come ! Finally I came back k to town ,and went to see a doctor. He gave me 30 sleeping pills , I began taking them one by one by the afternoon I popped every one of them ! After that I don't remember much but I know I finally past out near the e evening ! I slept for 15 hours ! When I woke up I felt like a brand new person it was an amazing feeling , but the next night I couldn't sleep again! It took about 5 month for normal sleep to return

  7. I can't tell you how to quit opioid cause every person have different senerios and ways to quit it. Some have strong will and can go cold turkey, some needs time to quit by lowering dosage and some might need other form of opioid or substance. But what im going to tell is how to cure what comes next that is withdrawal. Also i strongly recommend psychiatrist after quitting because things i tell you will only help you for physical aspects of withdrawal which are commonly low energy, anxiety, insomnia, hypersensitive sex drive n uncontrollable orgasms, etc
    Basically problem rises by getting too high as in any case. Most of people don't know is that opium (natural form) is very good for patients of diabetes, heart problems, paralysis and epilepsy but very low dosage is enough and by very low i mean low enough that u won't even feel a bit of high if i have to tell u weight than i will say 2-5mg of natural opium daily is more than enough. It will keep blood glucose low, BP normal and blood hemoglobin stable enough for most of above mention diseases. Also it will help nervous signals stable throughout body. To know more consider Ayurvedic studies of opium.

    Now real cure for withdrawal Organic Shilajit will help in all above diseases n withdrawal, it also keep your liver n pancreas fit without any side effect. Shilajit won't make you high so it is not addictive. It will keep your energy optimal. Take it with warm milk daily before sleep. I recommend 300mg to start with and after 1 week 500mg for 3 weeks after that you may stop but you can continue if u want to it don't have side effects.
    I also recommend natural black salt take 1/4 table spoon daily for 15 day with warm water on empty stomach in morning n don't eat or drink anything for 1/2 hour. It will clean your liver, pancreas and intestines of bad deposits and parasites. You can repeat 15 days routine after 4-5 month again.

    To get these things you can locate nearby ayurvedic medical store or order online. Don't buy premade capsules of shilajit like shilajit gold cap or shilajit 150 or shilajit pro. Try buying liquid form or dried form. Black salt is powder. If u are in India best place is Patanjali Ayurveda or divya pharmacies, i think amazon or online stores also have thier products for wolrd wide delivery.

    Btw u can buy organic shilajit at infowarslife.com too it is best organic shilajit i have used im not in anyform associated with them im just infowars fan.

  8. I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about can you cure depression try Vaxicorn Depression Remover Guide (just google it ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  9. Part of the issue is many people simply don't understand just how agonizing opioid withdrawal can be. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

  10. People don't have to worry about opium addiction any more – the government stopped selling these drugs so you don't need any treatment .

  11. IBOGAINE!!! KETAMINE!! WTF is funding this?? Perdue??? LOL! CRYING. It isTHE MOST EFFECTIVE DETOX TOOL WITHOUT A RUNNER UP.. Long term recovery… better fall in love with something (not one) and give it your ALL.

  12. QB4U
    2 minutes ago
    Opiates do not stop pain messages. Only NSAID medications actually do that or numbing agents like cocaine or lidocaine. The endorphin system, in it's pain relieving mode, simply covers up bad feelings with good ones and this can be felt in the typical "runner's high." The endorphin system is also important in learning and rewarding organisms for behavior that is good for reproduction (sex) which reinforces that behavior. Because opiates hijack the reward system, addictions can be basically thought of as very strongly learned and reinforced behaviors or habits. I've volunteered working with addicts and I can say that the withdrawals are much worse than a "flew" as many doctors describe it, and I am sure it can kill people who are frail or have extreme tolerances and sensitivities. Some people when they withdraw from opiates go into a horrible psychosis that resembles a nightmarish and painful psychedelic trip (as reported by people i have volunteered helping as i have never done drug). Also it is a myth that all addicts are better off quitting. Only 5 percent of opiate addicts are able to stop, this is because once a person has been addicted to opiates their brain is changed forever and the large majority of them cannot feel normal or any kind of pleasure without these drugs even after quitting for years and will have horrible problems with depression and anxiety.

    A small minority can quit but for most addicts it is unrealistic to expect them to quit and they should be allowed access to opiates or at least drugs like bupresnorphine which only relieve withdrawals but do not get the user high if they have even a slight tolerance. Also many addicts are afraid of buprenorphine programs currently because their names are put on a list and some employers can find these records as well as police so they can never own firearms or be even denied a drivers license. Drug addicts are not second class citizens and the strict control over buprenorphine just means that criminal black market networks are now administering drugs that are strictly medicinal and do not give very much of a recreational high even to users who are opiate naive. And anyway opiate naive users always go for heroin or oxy and it's extremely rare for buprenorphine to be taken recreationally. This is why we need to allow drug addicts to buy buprenorphine anonymously from pharmacies/apothecaries. Even if it's behind the counter like birth control that would be better than now where criminal gangs are profiting from the medical treatment of addicts that are wise about having their name on some goddamn spook list.

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