OMG! What Happen On This Baby? – Why Crying Seizure Like This?

OMG! What Happen On This Baby? – Why Crying Seizure Like This? ———————————————————————————————————– Please …


  1. Tug o War anyone?! Play one round for free if you volunteer your baby to be the rope!

    Well, I really wish you guys would STEP THE FUCK BACK! so we can see what's going on! That was just a damn tease. You suck.

  2. I see more and more of the females begin to stand up to Dolly. It's great.
    I guess Dana showed them it was possible to stop Dolly from running all over you and your child.
    I desperately hope this is a preview of the mutiny to come. Hehe. I can hope.

  3. It's funny how everyone is complaining about how these Mothers take care of their babies… Compared to REAL wild LTM's, these mother's are OVERBEARING

  4. Maddix is probably tired of being kidnapped by Dolly. He is like saying "mom please do something about it, don't just let it happen". Poor kid, he can't ever relax.

  5. Daniela will be kidnapped by a monkey worse than Ashley eventually because Dana is more concerned with feeding her face than her baby's safety.

  6. This mom just doesn’t like to nurse or care about this baby she should be spayed cause this is a pattern for her. This baby shouldn’t be away from her moms teet for another week or two but she is and she wandering all over the place. Too bad

  7. They do the crying "seizure" like racing when the mom leaves them alone on ground. Its an evolutionary adaptation. They sense it is dangerous to be a tiny baby alone on ground vulnerable to predation, starvation if lost, or kidnapped and bullied by larger monks. They freak out racing to find mom to cling to for security ….if they don't find mom right away they alternate the racing with stopping still limbs splayed out and cooing/calling for her. Most will grab and cling to the closest monkey or if none , then a tree root or rock.

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