1. He's exactly right.Every time we relax our laws to allow more illegal items to become legal our society takes a hit.

  2. Police of course don't want it legal they get paid for arresting people if they can't arrest Texans since 60,000 people are arrested in Texas each year then they will have to do real work arresting real criminals

  3. Yall are fucking idiots… Just because something is addictive doent make it bad. You can get addicted to porn but i dont see it being illegal and 7 and 8 year olds, teens and whever the fuck else is on there.

  4. What an ignorant fuck I was in jail for 4 days In Grand Prairie jail for a gram… time to get some younger people who understand instead of these old school fucks..

  5. Legalized industry will end the black market and he will have no ground to stand on for this is why we need legalized for all full rec

  6. Texas is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Legalize today and take the opportunity to make the planet greener with oil alternatives.

  7. That police officer is being disingenuous. The more one consumes cannabis, the less it affects one as an intoxicant as a consquence of the increased level of tolerance. So, the idea that it is dangerously addictive, which implies a negative impact on one's life, is quite ridiculous.

    PS. Even if cannabis were stronger (it isn't)…Stronger cannabis is healthier as people smoke less of it to get the desired effect. It's common sense.

  8. These police chiefs in this video are ignorant of the facts.
    Fact there has always been high thc Cannabis Thai,Afghani,Nepalese just a few examples. I have read books printed in 1963 that hash oil was over 70%thc. The ld 50 for 180lb man is about 2.5lb smoked.You would have 50% chance of death due to over exposure to smoke not thc. Mental addiction is the addiction possible it is possible for anything to be mentally addictive case and point how much tv you watch today or how often and long are you on the internet or playing video games how many how hours did you play this week. So it seems to me the police chiefs personal vision,beliefs and opinions are not based on scientific evidence but rather political talking points and propaganda.

  9. It’s easy to say this but, follow the money. His department makes most of its money from drug busts and its easy to speak so harshly against something when you’re afraid your livelihood is threatened. Look at Colorado, is the state in shambles and in ruins since legalization? No. Is this cop saying that marijuana will make Texas into this crime ridden no good cesspool ? That’s what I’m hearing, this officer doesn’t believe in the people of the great state of Texas. He believes he needs to control wether or not anything is good for you, and apparently you don’t know any better. Go make an informed decision, do your own research. Marijuana isn’t going to kill you. I’m really glad though that he spoke out because i know who NOT to support in the future.

  10. Much love to the men and women that protect and serve.

    "State marijuana legalization starting in 2014 did more to reduce marijuana smuggling than the doubling of Border Patrol agents or the construction of hundreds of miles of border fencing did from 2003 to 2009." Criminals become more violent to protect share on the market? Doesn't make sense. If that was the case we've would've seen a massive push back from the cartels.

    "Doesn't mean its right for our state..", so Cheif Steve Dye doesn't care about the impact that cannabis charges have on people in our community. Even on his twitter, he shows the pounds of cannabis, as well as firearms(this is Texas after all) confiscated. So where is the danger? It's always cannabis in bulk via a dealer, never a crazed individual committing atrocious acts of crime high, or stoned, the only thing anyone is doing after a bong rip is pillaging the refrigerator or taco bell. Laws should not interfere in peoples private lives. As long as they are not infringing on anyone else's rights. Texas is not only ready for responsible cannabis reform, but it should be a model and leader.

    "Makes things worse.." , ”..if people are naïve enough..”

    This is propaganda that’s an insult to the communities being served, I expect something like that from a politician. There is no proof or research to back up the Cheifs' claim that cannabis is an addictive drug, it instead helps treat addiction. I would most certainly not call the people whose community I serve and work in naïve.

    https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/documents/expert_dwi_panel.pdf “This publication is distributed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in the interest of information exchange.” The report prepared by the TPCA that Chief Dye claims, could not be located. Myths like cannabis is addictive vs a fact which it is not. Or the myth that it’s a gateway drug, vs the fact that it is not. I wish the Chief of police would’ve had some credible sources to show the public, I guess we're supposed to take his word for it. Sure why not.

  11. Cops love to have the power to bust people for marijuana. This keeps their cartel bosses happy. What the fuck? Any police who want prohibition are probably on the take or just plain stupid.

  12. Cops in Texas just enjoy giving out tickets and destroying lives over Marijuana. Maybe not all but a lot do and that’s a fact. These same cops do not even think you should hold a decent and respectable job if you consume marijuana.

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