NJ Governor Phil Murphy On Marijuana Legalization, Newark Water Crisis, NJ Transit & 2020 Election

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy sits down with Ebro in the Morning to give an update on some of the biggest issues in the Garden State. He gave an update …


  1. I love how the "See something say something" Has nothing but white guys taking photos and looking sneaky. Last I checked, Muslims did 9/11.

  2. You would think that toxic gas such as hydrogen sulfide would be a priority for the NJ state government. Just like the water in Newark, Kearny is being poisoned by Keegan Landfill

  3. Well born and raised in Newark New Jersey so I haven’t lived there myself since 2011 but please fix the issue that’s happening in Newark about our water it concerns me and I got fam drinking that water probably hope you’re doing a great job in my home state gov

  4. Without him I would have never received my Medical Marijuana card for Chronic Migraines so I'm definitely happy with his policies so far

  5. I don't like the guy but I'll admit good interview he went up a knock in my book maybe I agree more with him then I thought.

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