Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 11, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Trump administration moves to ban flavored e-cigarettes, cities, states pushing back on settlement with Purdue Pharma, and employee injures at least five in …


  1. Two things:
    Obvious racism regarding the man who stabbed co-workers, rushing to ban e-cigs for the youth, but saying bans don’t work when it comes to guns… uhhh hello? Seriously? I’ll explain…

    1. Racism: It is amazing how fast they moved in Florida to convict the black man who stabbed 5 people. Remember how long they took to convict the white guy that shot up an African American church?? (Things to make you go hmmm)

    2. E-cigs: Isn’t it interesting how fast they are moving on the e-cig ban? So government CAN move faster to protect Americans! I’m pretty sure this e-cig thing is mostly due to lobbying by Philip Morris (largest tobacco company in the world). Trump is all about helping the rich get richer, and compared to major cigarette companies, e-cig companies are much smaller. Although the stories about health effects are sad, they are basically being used as pawns, and the people suffering the worst are basically just a handful of people. And why a ban? Why not more regulation? They are saying this is “for the youth” and cuz that they want to protect them. BUT what about all the school shootings?! What about all the things youth are actually protesting for? (Gun regulation and environmental protection.) America, learn to put two and two together faster. Trump is counting on us all not catching on fast enough.

  2. I really love the story of the general sisters.
    Thank you for so much influence that is Definitely needed and appreciated by so many.
    Thank you tor YOUR service for us..

  3. On your local news…I live in New York City, and if one of your local televison news teams is typical and like most of mine, it would consist of at least five individuals, all except one would be a dye head, and two would be female, greasy lipped and blond dyed, not to worry, that would be quite normal…

  4. I cant believe this …it was the anniversary of 9/11 . The whole news should have been devoted to remembering and honouring those who died. ..just for one day can we forget about Trump, and Vaping and NFL athletes … why was there only a few minutes about the tragic 9/11 first responders ..This is absolutely disgraceful… I am furious ..Shame on you NBC

  5. So dumb, uneducated, poorly raised teens decide on their own to buy and use illegal additives (having nothing to do with vaping manufacturers) and as a result the govt looks to ban legal vaping companies. Big tobacco must have paid big bucks to their campaigns

  6. If you want to use poison in your body is your responsibility if you teach young children and as a head of family prohibited your children on using those poison machines. Poison makes money…so sad stupid humanity…never saw a chimpanzee smoking poison or using oxicotine…

  7. Somewhere in America, John Bolton is banging his head against a tree, muttering to himself, "dang it! I wanted gun play overseas!"

  8. Omg that 9/11 soul and spark of God Creator source is timeless in Heaven, and eternity, he deserves the financial compensation to exit earth in wealth, cuz we already got his health. Period the end.

  9. Good God Bless a first responder who cataloged human remains after the 9/11 incident. To start the family friend and healing process for America, Americans should settle this huMANS litigation ASAP like he went to work after 9/11. On earth as it is in heaven.

  10. I’m not trying to be Debbie downer or negative Nancy, on the e cig ban, but could government and law enforcement go after crack and meth as swiftly and aggressively, and shut that down as well?

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