NGO vs. FDA | Inside the Legal Battle that Could SHUT DOWN Vaping

In a bewildering turn of events, the U.S. vaping industry is facing a mortal threat, resulting from a lost court case, in a legal battle it was not even a party to.


  1. This is getting completely stupid. Everyone knows the FDA doesn't have the means to manage or police the poorly thought out and implemented deeming rule. This, even after after it became clear that the deeming rule was an overreach and would cause a great deal of harm.

     All the FDA has to do is go limp on policing, however our concern now with the resignation of Scott Gottlieb is that we really don't know what the FDA is going to do. Not that Scott Gottlieb, a former part owner in a vapour business was any friend to vapour. It seems the position of "director" of the FDA forces that individual to (mostly) further the ends of establishment interests which means the interests of the "progressive" non-profits and pharmaceutical companies in this case. This lack of autonomy of the FDA should be of great concern to Americans, except they seem to just accept any stupidity in this with very little protest.

    Shame, USA. You've forgotten what you stood for in the first place. "A person (or country) often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it. (Jean de La Fontaine ~1661). In this case 'murica is running down that path at full speed. The nation that was the poster boy for civil liberties and freedom now has the most fascist policies on the planet, policies that have replaced public health with sycophantic ideology.

    I'm sorry but I'm completely disgusted by this turn of events. Another symptom of the decline of a former great civilisation. Stupid.

  2. The FDA is a bunch of power abusing liars, and should be disbanded. They are out of bounds and taking things too far. People die everyday from alcohol related deaths and many those are flavored also. Completely ignore GMOs. They could face a crippling public backlash in the future. The FDA has no right interfere with the rights of the public with blatant violations of Equal Protection across the Country.

  3. Crazy, drugs are allowed to be sold but they are messing with vaping. We are going to have a generation of junkies, drug addictive teens

  4. Makes me wonder what these groups and the FDA are going to do when they shut down the vaping industry and all the vaping teens and adults go back to smoking tobacco. will they rub their grimmy hands together and say " yes, we did it, we shut them down"? And to think we trust these people with our lives!

  5. FDA state on research that all medicines sold have sife effevts and not fit for human consumption ..?

    Doctors will not sign documents to liability or death.
    If your stupid enough by free will reading labels your stupid .
    Doctors do not promote cures since snake oil men doctors begun.

    Doctors promote research into chemicals .
    Not cures.

    People read the not fit for human consumption label of side effects if taken ..knowingly know choices made and except side effects. Legal.

    Illness creat jobs for people in law investigations,
    royal commitions. Hospitals .death. Medicare. .
    Govorment approved drugs because drug company's give $$$ to Govorment to sell .
    Doctors knowingly promote
    Peoe except out come
    Drugs gain profits
    Governments create jobs for them stupid tax paying people ..

  6. I'm an adult and every since I've switched to e-cigarettes all my sicknesses have dropped. Not only can I Breathe Again I no longer suffer from headaches, acid indigestion, and I have not had bronchitis in years. Matter of fact I used to get bronchitis 3 times a year. Now even if I get a common cold the e-cigarette helps control the cough. I think it's due to the vegetable glycerin working as a vaporizer and keeping my throat moisturized. I think that alone should be able to consider this a medical device so the tobacco companies can keep their hands off of it. I know they're losing tons of money but people are getting healthier. That's why they're trying to use kids as the way to make it go away. It's sad and ridiculous. Women fight for the right to abort children because they say it's their body. But we don't have the right to say we want to vape when we want to save our body. America just don't make sense to me. I say they take the nicotine out of e-cigs. And selling nicotine separate. That way the FDA can't even mess with it.

  7. these "health" organizations are going to decimate a harm reduction industry that is saving lives. vaping is certainly saving a minimum of hundreds of thousands every year from lung cancer, COPD, emphysema, heart disease…. i guess health organizations can't make money if vapers are not smoking… please follow the calls to action. ​ easily find your fed and local reps here. please tell your reps, your doctor, smokers, family and friends what vaping has done for you. no cloud or hand checks just the faces or real vapers that will be affected by more vaping restrictions. please do a post if you can. thank you Brent!!!! xo

  8. We all know that Adults prefer these flavours as a way of getting away from tobacco completely, very few like vaping tobacco flavours

  9. why doesn't someone ask that cigarettes get immediately pulled from the market like GNC's GHB was or ecstasy in the 1980's? Seems logical given all we know?

  10. So, in the case of American Academy of Pediatrics et al. v. FDA et al., federal judge Paul W. Grimm made a decision that very seriously threatens the lives of the many millions of adults who already have or may want to transition to a harm-reducing, non-tobacco product. Right? WRONG . . . starting with the "tobacco" that is NOT contained in vaping products. I can only thank all that is good in this world for fine advocates, such as Azim Chowdhury and Brent Stafford.

  11. Rather disgusting that the public cannot see these organizations are not altruistic – they are fighting to ensure their own jobs and future funding continue – and are NOT there for the betterment of public health. If smoking combustible tobacco goes away, so does their raison d'être …..

  12. All these groups against Vaping are mostly funded by tobacco companies and do not want to lose there money and at the same time shout out about smoking. And as well known teens will get things they want. This also opens the door for unsafe black market products

  13. Vaping helped me stop smoking!
    It will just go underground, then let the FDA (Fuc ing Dumb Asses) try and stop it!
    There is always have a loop hole.

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