NEW DANK VAPES 2019 OFFICIAL REVIEW – Sunset Sherbet – Durban Poison – Strawberry Cough

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  1. All fake look at the packaging. No raised symbols, no holograms. FAKE!! DO NOT WATCH THIS DUDE IS AS FAKE AS WTF HES HITTIN.

  2. Dank vapes isn’t even a real brand you’re smoking mystery oil filled by an obese 18 year old in his room. The boxes are the only thing that has to do with a brand. People die from these

  3. Well shit if you can find a moonrock clear cartridge it have the ccell cartridges to..that's all you really need.boom boom will do the job💨💨🔥🤤😓😁

  4. So if this dank vape durban poison or what ever kind it is by dank. If the bottom of the cart says … ccell then a K and then ca 130 on the bottom on the silver part that screws in. Is this fake ? I'm pretty much new to the cart shit. But I have been told danks are fake and this one is better or that 1 is better. But the liquid is a litle runny it ain't like water but it's not like a difrent brand I had that was in a casket box type deal and u could sit it upside down or how ever and takes like a hr or something in that time frame and shit might move half way or maybe all way up. Theres alot of difrent brand types it seams and every1 always downgrades dank but then so many say it the best or this brand is the best and all that shit like I'm sure u all no how so many people know more then any1 else. I know where I get mine there coming from Colorado along with the flowers my guy gets and not from some1 who just lives there if ya no what I mean . I have heard how China I guess sends them here so in guessing china cant make these were they have same types code on the actual cart like they make everything else nock off?? Need some help please lol

  5. You are a complete idiot looking for views. Get some intelligence. If u find me a real dank from a real medical dispensary I'll eat it!!!

  6. Bru in tired of all the people saying there's no such thing as a legit dank vapes. They ARE real and they're out there. I use danks all the time and every single one of them I get gets me high 2-3 hits.

  7. I’m sorry bro.. no dankvape is real 😂😂 I don’t even see the 3D print. Could be wrong tho. I know what’s good with carts.. best one on the market SuperCarts by SuperMeds all ⛽️ look them up on IG BEST QUALITY all exotic strains. Also looks like your plug smoked a lil off that 😂😂 haha can’t front I do it to the people I serve

  8. Lolololol "they have to be using good shit" dude thats cut e luquid w a lil thc. No oil at 90% would be that murky n runny lol

  9. Non countrfeit at all huh? Everyone seems to have THE ONLY legit danks. Tfoh man lol. Get a real disoensary cart. Tested n regulated

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