1. So I have mild depression due to trauma I endure. Was in medicine for a year or less. Do I still a waiver? I mean I already started my enlistment process. But it’s been two months and I havent heard anything.

  2. I was never diagnosed with ADHD. But i was given medicine for it anyway. I havent taken it since i was 12 and i'm 23 now. The air force wants my high school transcripts and history of treatment records. My high school grades were HORRIBLE am i just out of luck?

  3. So I had a bad cold and went to the doctor for it when I was 15. It was hard for me to breath during my sports activities during this time so my doctor prescribed me an inhaler that I never used. Would that make me need a waiver? I’m nervous because I had ACL surgery in 2014 and I’m a single mom, so those will be my two waivers, and I can’t have any more. I also was prescribed adhd medication because I was sitting in the doctors office bouncing my leg while she talked, and she told me that because I was doing that, I had adhd. Since 14 I’ve only been on medication 4 total months, it doesn’t help me what so ever, because I don’t have adhd, just because I was bouncing my leg at a doctors appointment… anyway. I really want to be able to serve my country, but I’m scared that these two things, that literally have nothing to do with my ability to serve will get in my way.. am I clear? Or should I expect issues?

  4. So what if you have ADHD and havent taking medication since 8th grade but struggle with math, can you get a waiver for that? I already took the test and math is literally the only subject that kept me out

  5. My recruiter said I have to sigh something that say I will take what ever job they give me because I smoked weed long time ago but I heard recruiters try to lie about certain stuff was wondering if this is true

  6. I failed my drug test 2004 at meps. Can I still join the Airforce? Changed my lifestyle since then. Been working with people with mental illness and drug dependency. I'm able to get a wager?

  7. Not sure if you still check these videos, but if I used to smoke pot(tons in high school) and it's been over 4 years since the last time I used it, could I still get put up for a TS clearance? The recruiter closest to me hasn't gotten back to me.

    Great videos man! Thanks.

  8. What about if you have ADHD but you have never taken medication could you just normally join? Can I please get an answer I would really appreciate it, thank you!

  9. How many waivers can we apply for? I would need one for asthma (childhood) and mild eczema. Anyone currently going through the waiver process? Feed back would be much appreciated!

  10. Can I reenlist in the US Air Force if I was disqualified in the past while I tried enlisting with Dermatitis and Eczema?
    My present skin condition is much better now, and my Eczema have also decreased in size and inflammation length-skin wise.

  11. This generation I was born into is soooo fucking weak and you guys all make up ADHD in your head and then start asking questions you can literally just say you don't have it there is no proof in any way that it's real they came up with this made up shit to sell legal speed because previously they didn't know how to sale those to the public grow up decide your responsibile for your self and sump yourself into something like the military if you need medicine working out is the best

  12. I’ve been on medication for one pill every morning for ADHD since I️ was 16 almost 17 years old and I’m 22 almost 23 now… would I️ be able to still join the Air Force? I️ really want to be a personnel but would I️ have to not be on medication for 15 months before I️ could John?

  13. If I was never diagnosed with anxiety and never took medication for it, but went to one meeting for it in my teens at the hospital, would that disqualify me?

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