2. Alright , they are going to create sought after licenses for the lounges. Sisolak and the rest of Nevada politicians will use them for political favors. Taxi licenses, Unrestricted Gaming licenses, and even gaming devices work that way.

  3. This is good news for states like Colorado and Oregon, which can again be ahead of Nevada on something and divert some tourism there from Las Vegas. If you also factor in that resort and parking fees and all the other costs have erased the basic-cost advantage Las Vegas USED to have, it makes the case for going to the other places instead even stronger. You also get better scenery and….mountains and trees!

  4. Are edibles not a thing in Vegas? What's the big deal with not being able to smoke it? Just get some edibles is what I'm thinking.

  5. Even if cannabis becomes legal at the federal level, the casinos will never permit the smoking of it unless there is a designated area and can make money from it. In other words they want to sell it. Just don't expect to smoke it anywhere else on property.

  6. its a shame. this would have expanded the turist money out of the strip which is a good thing consudering how broken the edges of the stip look( poor people) it would have made good jobs too.

  7. Mind numbingly stupid… continue to make tourists into criminals and ensure that they will continue to use cannabis on the strip properties as they are now.

  8. I used to work at Acres dispensary and I used to always have to inform tourists that they couldn't just openly smoke and I crushed so many dreams. They'd ask me where they could go and I'd have to tell them basically nowhere. It's like giving a kid candy and then telling them they can't eat it.

  9. The people need to unite and press the Feds to end cannabis persecution. One of Trump's campaign promises in 2016 was to get the Feds out of cannabis persecution and leave it up to the states. Since Trump is running for re- election in 2020, he can be "reminded" about his campaign promise of the 2016 election. (Trump could sign an Executive Order to take cannabis off of "Schedule 1" right now. However, Trump doesn't have the integrity to do that.) However, on the campaign trail …. In fact, in very late 2015, in Reno, Trump made those cannabis comments when asked the question about cannabis. Google the video of the comments and take it from there … ✌

  10. So the bottom line is the casino industry can fill the deep pockets of the politicians Fuller faster and to the top then the cannabis industry can , right ?

  11. I don't mind lounges in dispensaries as long as they aren't in casinos. Vegas has to many people smoking wherever they want regardless lol

  12. Great info! Moving from San Diego to Henderson end of this week. Found out I was paying twice as much for my vape cartridges at a dispensary compared to buying from a local connection. Hope thats not the case there. Jacob, you're such a handsome guy! Just shave your head already. I know many women love a baldie! Not that you asked or anything. πŸ˜‚

  13. Thats sad the Councle has decided to block social lounges. The public won't be happy with that.
    There is always a way though.
    How about private clubs requiring membership.
    Vote thes guys out. Only vote for congress reps who will go to Washington and vote yes for Federal Legalization. And to top it off, people will continue to break a law that cannot be easly inforced. That creates a conflict between the police and the citizens. Underground lounges will continue to be the next big thing.

  14. On my last trip (april 2019) to vegas we had a 3 room suite at the luxurious LOL Plaza casino. I didn't get the handbook but because we were all cig smokers in this suite, we decided they probably wouldn't give AF if we also smoked weed in it either. Zero problems for the entire 2 weeks we were there. So the pro move for tourists is to just book a smoking room if you really want to smoke weed without any issues. Good day and God Bless!

  15. Here is a thought… casinos put their pot lounges right to or within easy line of sight of their all-you-can-eat buffet… lol

  16. Thank you for being so informative πŸ‘I don't partake but love to know what's going on in my town❣️😊

  17. If the casino don't want them too leave the casino too smoke weed make a place inside of the casino for them too smoke.they want leave .and want too gamble more and eat more create a bar inside the casinos .you allow smoking their is no difference weed is not dangerouse at all .the government just lies about it

  18. Oh I get it its OK too do what you want in vegas as long as you don't smoke weed in a lounge does this make any since too vegas too ban weed.if you have one you must allow the other .stop playing nanny state and let the people have what they want.

  19. Are there any Congress persons available for purchase? If we passed the hat maybe we could get it legalized on the federal level.

  20. Of course, they need to establish a special "weed commission" to study the situation.
    How else can the they give unnecessary jobs to their family members and friends who will use those positions to generate payola selling their "influence"?

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