NASA's New Space Engine Is Powered by Nuclear Fission

From returning to the Moon to establishing outposts on Mars, NASA has the need for more power than ever before. Could nuclear fission be the solution they’ve …


  1. Aliens be like…..not bad for talking monkeys. How long did we leave them alone???
    Alien2: bout 500000 years earth time, but we were in hyperspace at 7x light speed so 8 years for us

  2. A Nuclear Propulsion System realistically should be installed on a space vessel in orbit. The vessel (Theoretically) should be large enough to accommodate some sort of multi-service vehicle capable of entering and exiting a planets atmosphere. The vessel never enters the planet's atmosphere, it only orbits. Also it can make artificial gravity in a key area.

  3. So will nasa be useing better equitment did nasa build another rocket after the 1981 could they build ufos nasa

  4. Great idea, we’ve handled nuclear power so well up to now?!??? Chernobyl, Fukushima. No way!!!! We as the public, needs to outlaw all power, weapons, etc… that uses nuclear power. Scientists are great at building reactors, but 0% successful clean up WHEN things go bad.

  5. No surprise. Those NASA jackasses cannot think outside-the-box (like i.e. Bezos) and must resort to POLLUTION!

  6. Hey yo. The 500k mile per hour Hall effect thrusters need 200 KW(estimated I believe). I think you are going to need to scale up some more to power a space crafts typical electrical systems and the deep space engines.

  7. Imagine if NASA has a Pentagon budget, instead of begging for crumbs? Or if a Pentagon sized budget was split between NASA, SpaceX and Blue Origin? We would have interplanetary spaceships in a decade.

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