N.J. Moves Closer To Legalizing Marijuana

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signs executive order that could expand access to medical marijuana in the state. CBS 2’s Jessica Layton reports.


  1. Great job.. I remember when my grandmother was sick with cancer they had her on so much medication my grandmother never smoked pot a day in her life and it was the only thing that helped her when she was finally convinced to try it it made a huge difference. She was able to eat and sleep. This little boy touched my soul and God bless the parents for what they’ve been through and I fully support them and the choices that they made. I lost a child my 25-year-old son six years ago on 4 July 2012. We as parents have to make the toughest decisions and this is one I fully support!! Legalize it already it’s OK to drink alcohol that’s illegal cigarettes are legal so many pharmacies are giving prescription drugs and that’s legal but a plant that helps so many is not legal yet. I am glad so many dispensaries are opening in New Jersey and we are moving forward into more and medicinal, and recreational is coming. It’s about time!!

  2. NOPE! It makes black people rape white women.
    Its a gateway drug.
    People overdose and die.
    Its kills brain cell's.
    Its addictive.
    Pharmaceutical companies will lose money.
    What about the kids?
    Ladies and gentlemen…
    Things republicans say!

  3. Good job, Murphy! Legalize it in Jake's memory and for all of us who yearn to live life without fear of incarceration simply for medicating!

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