Ohio Legalizes Marijuana Feb 2019 Believe It Do It Grow It That part right there

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  1. No they we didnt brother. Theres alot of BS on the internet but Ohio shot it down for recreational. Issue 3 failed miserably. But there's good news there is a new push coming by Responsible Ohio for Families change. Yea its medical but still illegal to grow. But my city did decriminalize it. Theres a few that did. But its highly regulated and tightly controlled. By the way Happy frog is the shit.

  2. You have it all wrong my brother, I wish what you're saying is true.
    But there is a medical program in place here, however we aren't allowed to grow medicine.
    We have to purchase it from a handful of selected dispensaries here.
    It's still a uphill battle here, but I guess if you look at it from a at least it's legalized for medical standpoint.
    I guess we can say that, within itself is a start?
    But we aren't even close to being recreational or able to farm/harvest the fruits of our own labor here just yet.
    I will add that you had my hopes up there for a moment, I was thinking wait a minute did I miss something?
    Cause I've been following/monitoring any new changes pertaining to cannabis laws.
    I've even been considering moving to a place where it's either recreational or medical, with the option to grow your own! ✌(sidenote: I touched on this video thinking you were Bill Cosby, I'm sure you've heard it before?) 😁 take care

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