My DSAP Healed & My Seizures Stopped with High Dose Ozone Therapy

My name is Scot. I came here because of DSAP (disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis). I had a subdural hematoma where …


  1. I am a 52 yr old female. I have had DSAP for 30 years on my face, back, arms and legs.The lesions are itchy and salicylic acid and creams block my pores and cause me to perspire. I too am embarrassed and keep those parts of my body covered.
    Forgive me if i am skeptical. I have tried so many treatments and am always hopeful but have had minimal success and systemic side effects. how many treatments did it take to remove the lesions? Also I have chronic sinusitis, does the same treatment help the inflammation?

  2. Thanks for your post. I have both of the problems discussed in your video. I am going to see a doctor where I live and try this therapy to see if it helps me.

  3. Can you help explain why there happened to them.. I just send those two link regarding ozone therapy back in Melbourne 5 years ago after treatment they died. So can make a decision to do the therapy if I didn't get any explanation.

  4. Hi
    Thank you very much for the video. I would like to ask you something I have a pigmentation(dark colour ) on my face exactly on the beard area due to the usage of beard colour product. It's been 2 years I am using the same product but I noticed 2 weeks ago.I have consulted a dermatologist and he prescribed a lotion (Desonide Lotion) & vitamin c serum for two weeks.
    However I heard that laser treatment is the best option to get my skin colour back Is it true? If I am taking the laser treatment will it affect my hair growth? Because it's my beard area?
    Thank you 😊

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