1. Totally missed this movie. Happened to find it from a fan made video. This looks too good to be reduced to a “heh lesbians” montage.

  2. Thank bajeebus for an okay ending. Why do lgbtq movies always end with such sadness and disappointment? I love both these actresses and was happy to see them shine, even with such a dark theme. Girlfriend and I were stoked to watch and have been talking about it today. Think I’ll watch again tonight (good choice in buying ass the price was pretty close to the rental). Glad it finally came out. Also, I was thinking how awkward it must have been for two friends to have intense love scenes. I wonder if it helps or hinders the actors. Either way I love it and I’m glad to have purchased it! Good shit!

  3. This movie was so freaking good! I’ve been waiting for two years for it to be released. I chose to buy it as the price wasn’t far off from the rental and I was not disappointed. And it didn’t have a terrible ending which is a miracle for any queer female film! The chemistry between Kate Mara and Ellen Page is remarkable. 10/10 would recommended!

  4. i been waiting for this movie to come out for over a year and it didnt disappoint. ellen paige is an excellent actress. im digging all the queer roles she's been playing lately as well.

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