Mr. Natural – Man and Story Behind the Brand – Australis and Aurora Cannabis USA Expansion (Leo Bay)

Australis and Aurora Cannabis partner with Bob Luciano, the founder of the popular California cannabis brand Mr. Natural. Learn his story and passion for …


  1. Love the passion this man has for quality regardless of scale. It makes me really happy to see folks in the business eager to scale up but NOT at the expense of making great product. And he’s got great branding. Great video!

  2. Sticking to my story! Sold with the creator of Skywalker OG ‼️
    But now Mr. Naturals story is more in depth about helping people, with no exceptions for growing quality cannabis. Thank You for sharing!

  3. Great story! I love that Australis & Aurora partnered with Mr Natural to bring forward a high quality award winning organic product. I believe there is massive growth potential for the medicinal and recreational market WHEN the USA legalizes and as a shareholder I'm impressed with how Australis and Aurora are positioning themselves in the USA. Thank you for putting out another fantastic video.

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