Monsanto Bayer orderd to pay 2 billion dollars in Glyphosate cancer trial | DW News

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer has lost another lawsuit related to the weed-killer Roundup, produced by recently acquired Monsanto. Bayer will have to …


  1. It's very obvious that they must be working with the big pharma companies and greedy polititians so people can get sick and make a profit. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. That's why we don't have a great universal healthcare system or even legalize medical marijuana.

  2. Bayer buying Monsanto was nothing more than one hand washing the other! Both of these companies have a very long history of profiting from recycling biological weapons and toxic industrial wastes and repackaging them as something good.Crooks with deep pockets like all the other big multinational corporations who literally get away with murder and collosal long term harm Globally but money leverages the corrupt system we all exsist in so we pay to clean up their mess ,and live with the long term consequences every time in my opinion from what Ive researched.The buisness model for the big players is profiting from harming and then providing( non )solutions to perpetuate the gravy train in the guisse of helping us and being seen to do something.

  3. I was diagnosed with NHL and Unrelated Kidney cancer in 1996. Diagnosed with NHL again in 1999 and again with a more aggressive form of NHL in 2016. I have used Round Up for years.

  4. The elites knew his would happen and had plans to poison the food and water supply. Money will not clean up the water or food supply.

  5. Roundup KILLS. Just file a lawsuit asap. My PI lawyer got me a great compensation, you can contact them here 844-558-2608

  6. Wait, Bayer brought us oxcotin, a safe alternative to addictive pain killers? Killing 2 birds with one stone, merican justice!

  7. I like that everybody is blaming Bayer and Monsanto but don’t care about the science. Glyphosate only stops photosynthesis and because humans don’t do this, it is not harmful at all.
    Of course their are other chemicals in RoundUp, but these are in many other pesticides and when you use it in the right way, nothing will haben.
    Because the EPA testet Glyphosate whether it is dangerous or not, Monsanto is not even allowed to say that Glyphosate is carcinogenic as the EPA said it is not

    In Addition it was only a Jury Court who Said that Bayer guilty, which you cannot take serious at all.

  8. Soo people are dying because of this and the take of this video focuses only on the repercussions to Bayer. Nice to know where your interest on this story align to. 💰🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. It may be too late to make your own pure food due to the fact that GMO has a life of its own and poisons like glyphosate is every were in the soil, water an living beings on the planet: we need to sue them to the end of time to get some kind of retribution! They have to be disolved their technology banned and their fortunes reclaimed for compensations and efforts of saving nature!!!

  10. Juries get verdicts wrong all the time. The jury for Monsanto did NOT base their decision on evidence and science.

  11. B and Q in uk seam to be selling their stock off cheap when I popped in a week ago ,purhaps they are worried that outlets could be implicated if they continue to sell this poison! Sue the pants off em!

  12. One factor swaying juries has been the internal documents showing Monsanto executives covered up their knowledge of risks including with ghostwritten research.

    Maybe Bayer can sue Monsanto executives for misleading them about all these pending lawsuits.

  13. UNITE AND NEVER BUY monsanto franken corn or soyabeans or anything they invent it will kill you!! Bayer as well you cannot ever trust these brands or the people who run the companies

  14. The attorney of these two cancer victims is the real winner. He must be so glad these two got cancer and he made out like a billionaire.

  15. Monsanto with the help of the US government now owns the world with patented seeds. They've ruined US soils with seeds requiring pesticides, now they are heading to ruin Africa's soil and seeds. The damn dummies in Africa are too spineless to say no

  16. Well Americans gain money but their corrupted government and Business people surely know how to burn it Up again and again. Just for Military the US spends about 700 Billion US Dollars a year. Stop the wars and your Imperialism for the sake of Peace and eradicate those lines in your constitution. May Allmighty God Take your power and give it to a better country. Amen

  17. Syngenta does ? Du Pont does ?
    All the animals are eating poison. We eat their flesh. We got sick. They got billions. I'd rather buy my ranch and harvest my own food.

  18. This just proofs that EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is TOTALLY corrupt and highly influential, just after Monsanto was bought by a foreign company the justice system does not feel INFLUENCED to take corrective actions

  19. This is a good development for the farmers of the world. Monsanto and it’s products which are designed to cull the world population, by feeding poison to the people should go bust in a way it never recovers. And where is the champion of Eugenics Bill Gates the major promoter and investor of Monsanto , did he manage to divest his Monsanto portfolio with insider information?

  20. Pharmaceuticals!!! Monsanto knew they'd eventually have to face the music. Bayer has no idea what they purchased, they look at it as a brand of value, then realise its brand is evil and corrupt. There would be thousands more effected by Monsanto products world wide!! Be vigilant, be free!! 😉

  21. Lot more coming Bayer's way related to glyphosate. An MIT researcher notes that an absolutely alarming 50% of children born in the US by 2026 will be autistic! Chief culprit: glyphosate. FDA refused to test for glyphosate – you know why. Also, Americans are supposed to have 10x the amount of glyphosate in our systems than Europeans, due to the ubiquitous presence of GMO corm products and the resulting content of glyphosate. Read and weep:

  22. All petro-chem chemicals should be banned cuz they never should have existed in the first place and let's all get back to nature. Surely any natural substance grown here on the surface is meant to be what heals us. Then anything from deep in the Earth is likely toxic, even if just being registered (burdened) by our livers as a foreign substance. Remember, only the already fabulously too rich can afford to drill way down and pump it out, only cuz only They can mete it out, meter it and plus, onlly They can afford to buy sellout scientists to make molecular analogs of whatever active ingredient in a whatever herb, torn from its matrix (context) and boosted, bound to cause the side-effects we hear about, just add nauseum, over TV ads.

  23. I don't get it the EPA in the USA (that is getting more and more deregulated by Trump) says Roundup is safe? LOL…..profit before people is part of making America Great Again….Humans are a virus with shoes

  24. LOL I don't understand why BAYER bought Monsanto, they made something really stupid. Now Germany will pay for Americans foult, sweet.

  25. It's a match made in Heck. Bayer: "We made Zyklon-B to exterminate 'undesirables' in WWII." Monsanto: "We made Agent Orange and DDT!" Bayer: "We knowingly spread HIV tainted blood sera around the world." Monsanto: "We let our GMO's pollen waft around and infect family farms, then seize their farms claiming patent infringement." Both: "Kiss me, Dahlink!"

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