Misunderstood | A Brief History of Hemp in the US

Natural. Misunderstood. Legal. This is the story of hemp in the United States. A forbidden fiber in the U.S. since 1970, hemp has taken the heat for almost five …


  1. Great video. How can this be age-restricted? 99.9% of youtube would have to be age-restricted for this to make a like of sense. My 2019 award for dumbest age-restriction–no contest.

  2. Notice the word SATIVA! Next time you get a ticket for marijuana, tell your lawyer that they have to prove it's SATIVA! Indica and Ruderalis are not SATIVA! Better yet, tell the court is was KENAF! Case Dismissed!

  3. Hemp is a contrived word that means Marijuana with less than .3% THC. Marijuana can do all the same things as hemp but also gets you high.

  4. Youtube how is a plant with so much historical significance and aimed at education back by huge sustainability and trusted name as Patagonia blocked with age. Amazing for compost to revitalise our failing soil integrity.

  5. A bias opinion about Winona being absolutely right about respecting this plant. Yes, lets keep the dialogue going and as a suggestion stop calling it "Industrial" hemp then. Proposing "Dynamic Hemp".

  6. I was expecting a story as to how and why cotton won, and thus became the major cash crop in America. Yet, they did not even mention it? Something smells fishy, or maybe cannabisish, here?

  7. American farmers, American people
    weird hippie lady: America doesn't produce, we just purchase
    Patagonia: We buy our hemp from China

  8. Hemp was the major product for ropes etc until Dupont invented nylon. They lobbied the US gov to have it outlawed as a plant . It also needs little water and could easily replace most of the cotton growing in Australia – the driest continent on earth.

  9. Our country has really messed up when it comes to the issue of hemp growing. Its sad to think our country could be in a much better state than it is currently. *sigh If only the propaganda wouldnt have told all those lies….

  10. Thank you! The opposite of MAGA in pretty much every way. Growing a real economy. This may be the only good thing Mitch McConnell has ever done for our Kentucky farmers.

  11. Angry😠Earthling🌎.
    Plastics are destroying our planet people and so much so our seas are so toxic that creatures from the deep are now rising to the surface as a form of complaint and protest at what we have done to them so why the fuck can't the powers that be stop the sale of plastic bags and produce them from hemp for world wide sale and even the word HEMP printed on the side with an explanation to simple uses for such an amazing product would have people who care for our planets future quickly turning to a plastic alternative but I suppose the present status quo shows us that our world leaders don't give a shit about us or mother earth for all they are interested in, is mass sales and profit and shame on them and further more shame on us for not speaking out for a planet and her wild life who cannot speak out for themselves, you reap what you so people.

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