Mike Tyson on smoking DMT: ‘Do you understand the toad?’ | The Art of Conversation w/ Dan Le Batard

Mike Tyson explains to Dan Le Batard the spiritual awakening he underwent after smoking DMT, a psychedelic drug that occurs naturally in some plants and …


  1. Mike Tyson is to us, in our modern Time, the Miyamoto Musashi of the ancient warrior past!

    He is becoming the warrior monk and I'm grateful for it

  2. DMT can speed-up our death and rebirth process although it takes it's toll on our system. I'm part of an authentic tradition called Drukama, check them out, the aim is to activate and raise your own internal life force to accelerate the evolution process and still receive the corrections and lessons we'd learn from DMT induced ego death. Drukama .com!

  3. Time for the mike Tyson story to come to Hollywood, he now gets who he is,very honest,I see him as great boxer,bad person, good man,nice when someone makes it back

  4. Mike is still the goat of the ring and the people’s champ who crushed Vegas and only reason he lost was being told if he won he died by the mob. Vegas no odds on boxing plus couldn’t have the Italian record broken .

  5. This guy interviewed him in another video, titled 'awkward interview with Mike Tyson' and he came across as an asshole but here he interviewed Mike really good

  6. Awesome intetview. Incredible he went so deep into it.

    One thing though
    Nothing like ayuhuasca…
    Well, dmt is in ayuhuasca.

  7. Interviewer is jealous and doesn't comprehend ego-death.
    4:30 "Was there any joy in your childhood?"
    He's condescending on Mike the whole time.

  8. I FUCKIN SALUTE YOU MIKE. We've witnessed the growth of an individual that only few can hope to achieve in this life… So much respect for you mike, i think alot of us can relate to your fighting demons, feeling lonely, and not wanting to let those closest to us down. KEEP ON KEEPiN ON MY FELLOW HUMANS.

  9. I watched boxing and Mike Tyson would have beat any boxer that ever fought..his power ..speed …skill …chin…total package…their are great boxers in history but the consistency of KO power is crazy…and he was only a teenager …DAM

  10. The U.S. is funny. These types of drugs are clearly illegal but everyone talks about their experiences doing it like nothing loll

  11. Mike Tyson is a man that has gotten comfortable with his emotions, and he is become a man I would never have expected him to become. I love that guy

  12. Mike I love you brother glad you are trying to educate the uneducated on this truley amazing ancient medicine.
    But from what I understand (Plus Have experience with both) Is that there are two kinds of DMT.

    The "Toad" Actually Produces 5-MEO-DMT which is more Spiritual individually (IMO) in that its less visual and more manifested from inner dialauge rather than N,N,DMT Which is VERY Visual and at times hard to follow during the "Tripping" Process. Its much more Scientific than one may think its not magic its biology. Love finally after years of hope seeing society starting to accept these Ancient medicines as a MEDICINE and not as a "DRUG" like we do here in the states… Very ignorant to refer to these as "Party Drugs" When its not. Thanks Mike n Thanks ESPN! Sorry for my knowledge rant…

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