1. Kill mold mildew soft bodied insects and add 20% growth by adding a 25% mix of milk to your nute solution .. or one of ypur watering scheduals.. foiler spray with 50% milk to water to kill insects and stop mold or mildew .. hope that helps .. happy growing budd

  2. Looks like you got russet mites.. Get exile and captain jacks that will help with caterpillars and mites. You can spray both all the way thru flower so no worries. Good luck and stay positive 💯👍

  3. Nice grow! I grow mephisto strickly and just pulled down some chemdogging and double grape they are very good!! I'm from Michigan as well!

  4. looking good , sucks about the sick plants but what can you do shit happens. Keep up the content my brother!

  5. I had to deal with the mildew as well …baking soda water dawn dish soap worked real good for me your plants looking good just like mines can't wait to the finish 👍

  6. Pull main branch back north east about 12inches from main branch about a 85 or 90 degree angle from your plant for more stacks of bud hope I explain it good hope it help bro

  7. Mild dew means cut the big leaves With big stem and the 1 droopy also cut the small leaves under the bud and water a lots mire the normal hope it help brio

  8. That tall one with the 2×4 on top, jus bend them over to level it off, then net then let them poke through at a similar height.

    Ya got bugs I think. Thrips and maybe leaf miners?? Slugs?
    Somebody is snacking on them leaves.

    So far so good. Better than Ive grown.

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