1. I'm not buying his anger hypothesis of CBD oil eliminating anger so the body can heal itself. While it's true that Michael Stoopman admitted that he was full of anger when he got cancer, there are brain scan images available online that show how CBD oil cured a 3 three-month-old baby of brain cancer and you can't tell me that a three-month-old baby is full of anger.

  2. He is so right about the Dr n oncologist bullying. I got a cat with tumor that I wabba try alternative with, the first one was like amputate or no hope,, the oncologist cwaa like two choices put him down or choose one of the chemo tablets. I said wat happens with cancer , she said he will loose his appetite get sick etc,, I said wat happens with chemo, she says oh he may just get nausea , vomit, possible bowel issues, diarreahr, loose white blood cells, low immune, tired all the time etc etc. Yet I'm the cruel one!! Why can't I choose palative care ? Or try cbd- etc. Why only two choices, death =murder my best friend or kill him slower with vet visits, stress, out of touch people and basically makebhis life miserable loose his whiskers etc. Fuck them frankly, they just make him worse and worse and worse, he even git seizures as a side effect from the antihistamines they prescribed, then git duareahr the runs from the anti biotics, then the pain relief they prescribe is actually banned in america.cause t5
    Causes renal failure!!! At least u can't overdose in marijuana, (very hard too.)
    PS if any one out there reading this has advise for me , I'm all ears , please help me to help my Cat!guyodvvf y

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