1. We have a coe pasture across the road and have loads of wood chips around fruit trees. The mushroom growth explodes around October. I wish I could positively identify the magic shrooms. Don’t want to get sick, just high.

  2. Brian Rose.May I firstly say what a wonderful job you are doing after all you have been through .My life has been pretty rough but to be truly honest it's also been a magical one .Have you got an E-mail address that I may contact you about my experiences of magic mushrooms , and cannabis ,healing and astral projection healing ,whiskey and weed meditations .And no I don't do any alcohol or weed any more ,I have always been a very active person and after the runes popped up last week you came into mind ,so I feel it is time to connect .Bless you and your dear ones for the many 1000's who are taking on board all your lessons ,with so many wonderful beings XxX.

  3. Middle class drug taking is very different to the dirty needles and crime that ruins Real lives ! It’s sad to be glamorising this.

  4. I have Bi Polar and I’m sick of being on meds that don’t work . Has Anyone with Bi Polar whose came off meds tried any hallucinogens that’s worked ?? Please let me know as I’m desperate now and don’t want to be on meds till I die . I’m 55 and lived with this since I was 9 (got diagnosed last August SMH and it’s hard to carry on as I’ve no friends only one true best friend whose male. I’m too much for people as I’m very truthful and people don’t like that. I feel people think they can catch it like I’ve got got the PLAGUE .I’m desperately trying to hold on but steadily losing grip.

  5. Has someone here tried Toad-DMT (Bufo)? I am considering psychedelics as a therapeutic intervention and have been offered 5-MEO-DMT (Toad-DMT) which is meant to be mich stronger than synthetic DMT (used by Rogan). However, Michael Pollan mentions this as the only pschedelic on which he had a bad experience, and would't (!) repeat. Anyone care to share their experience/knowledge. Thanks!

  6. I think it should be very interesting, to ask people with near death experiences and people who practice lucid dreaming to become part of these studies… (e.g. Stephen LaBerge, Robert Waggoner as scientific lucid dreamers – Pim van Lommel et al for the near death investigators..)
    The next years will show a lot of movement not only in healing illnesses….

  7. Hi, im 26 and I am lost…you cannot imagine the world im in ..i'm in India and I think I really need a psilocibin to straighten my mind, im so lost…i need something to straighten me…but I cant find any here…can anyone send me?…

  8. Can someone find it in their hearts to save my life?? A couple years ago I was attacked with a machete, fractured my arm scarred my face etc the worst part is what it's done to my mental health.. I'm in the UK and am struggling to get hold of shrooms or San pedro, can any1 help me will pay ovvy.. peace

  9. 1993 was the last Rave with Terrence McKenna and that I used Psilocybin therapeutically so to speak, and before that, MDMA therapeutically to defrag, to heal, synchronize mind. What I found is that I am completely changed, much higher levels even than before of intuitive intelligences and, now, after age 55 the path of a Shaman is something that I realize is my path. For me, this was a time, I was going to Dr. Shulgin's home Monday nights in San Francisco, my birthplace 1961 and I had many experiences including African drumming. My intuitive experiences are much more pronounced so much so now that I often touch, remotely sense accurately, & heal, and have found telepathy to be much 'easier,' so to speak… 34 years of helping people heal, mind, body and spirit, coaching, on the table and off, all over the world, I have often included a way to reveal the self to the self whenever it was possible.. I am thinking I may venture after long years of enjoying my life's work, and much learning into holding the space to begin psilocybin therapy. I would truly enjoy that.. where do we go to do this legally? Anyone know?

  10. this guy has tripped 6 times! just telling people what alot of us have known for decades…..smh
    its ABOUT TIME!!!

  11. Doesn't sound like this book adds anything new to the literature but hope perhaps it gets ideas out to a wider audience

  12. You should really work more on your sound, it changes so much from scene to scene, really distracting. Doesn't even need EQ, a so-so mix should do it. Other than that is great, thanks!

  13. I am a cancer survivor who had and still has some debilitating fear of many things including death. I had some self administered shrooms at home. Not a very large dose but enough to see hallucinations and have happy feelings and during the experience I felt much better about the universe, life, and death. It was like a feeling that there is a god and some kind of wavelength or energy that is permanent and preserves all the important things and it was just feeling much much better. Not saying everyone should do it just like this. I read more than a few books over the course of the year about how people experience shrooms and other hallucinogenics and I had lots of experience with large doses of weed which I was very comfortable with.

  14. I hate these pseudo tough people at 3:30 who speak about how sports is everything. Like oh "just find something to be angry about and want it! Yeah!" Tell that to some terminally ill person, bitch!

  15. He advocates careful, guided use. Not recreational use. There can be terrifying periods during the experience.

    Loss of ego sounds good, but can be profoundly disorienting especially if it persists after the experience. It can mean loss of identity. This is catastophic and can require years to recover.

    Society is just not geared for a “Jesus” or a “Buddha” hanging around and they usually ended up homeless – i.e. Berkeley and Haight- Ashbury after the 60’s. As many who observed this period can attest. It was, I believe, the result of many unguided trips (usually 125 micrograms and up) and no emergency medical treatment for people having real trouble.

  16. Ok with all that what Mr Pollan said about how would it be if some of the drugs where legal, like Mdma or psylocyby. Having spas where ppl can take it nd relax.. ( Which sounds great) But what about the other side of the coin? What would have happened with those ppl who have been sent to prison for useing these substances previously? Btw the London Real is still great and thanks for making these contents

  17. I know someone with Borderline Personality Disorder… high functioning – meaning no cutting and is not suicidal. Anyone know if Psilocybin etc would be of any benefit? Thanks.

  18. 50 years to create psilocybin clinics? Are u fucking kidding me? I’ll be old, I could as well commit suicide. I hope those drugs will be legal sooner. I struggle with depression and every day counts. It’s time that we find something that cures that epidemic that mental illness/injury is. We need good people, not greedy corporations that create problem, like opioid crisis, but someone who’s truly going to help others. We need this legal earlier.

  19. One question Brian, why I can't watch your conversations with women? Why you don't invite women, does women can not achieve knowledge to your mission?

  20. These things should be up to adults to decide if they wanna try not the govt. make these things legal for those over 21

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