Medical Medium Anthony William Believes There Is a Connection Between Weight Gain and the Liver

Anthony William is the New York Times best-selling author who’s been using what he says is his gift to help others recover their health. William is a medical …


  1. Isn't this pretty obvious…I mean you really don't need a Dr to figure out fatty liver … guess if you know nothing about health this is kinda informative…

  2. I am wondering why I am the only one that after over a year of drinking celery juice every morning on an empty stomach has had no relief of symptoms. Glad to know that so many of you have been able to get relief.

  3. So all the people who have sadly passed away from cancer, celery juice was the missing piece? This guy could sell ice to the Eskimos

  4. Not a single negative comment, side effect, or challenging question: let alone a lot of personal videos with comments not allowed- two glaring signs of questionable scientific practice. Do we never ask ourselves: if there was a cure-all to any disease state, why does the disease still exist and proliferate?

  5. Anthony William Coviello, self proclaimed Medical Medium: My research has revealed Anthony William to be a fraud. He preys on those frightened about their health and spirit with his double talk and fake stories (he did NOT predict his grandmother's cancer). He has no special powers, he's just good at marketing himself, selling books (supplements and juicers too) to inflate his ego and bank account. Just more dogma and quackery. Look at his appearnce: he is currently 28 years old, yet looks much older; speaks like an adolescent using word salads and anecdotes to confuse and convince; he is developing abdominal obesity and has not the musculature expected of someone that young (narraow shoulders, thin arms and face, yet fat middle) which indicates endocrine disorders (insulin resistance, likely high estrogen low testosterone). He is a mess, but people want to believe his dribble. He is absolutely despicable.

  6. Using his gift of self marketing to take money from those frightened about their health from eatind SAD. You don't need to spend your hard earned cash on this fraud. Just eat an ancestral diet to nourish your human body, not the plant based crap he endorses. He appears much older than his age (he's 27 in this epidose), frail looking (more recently even has abdominal fat), anxious, speaks like an adolescent…please don't fall for his nonsense. Apparently he has liver issues.

  7. i have chrones disease. i declared to the universe that i wanted to alleviate inflammation in my body. shortly after that declaration, i had a flare up which allowed me to give up coffee and change my diet a bit more..then i switched to tea. shortly after that i found medical medium and his juice..i just want to say that in the 3 months that I have started, i no longer need to drink tea or coffee, have better skin, almost no brain fog, hardly eat meat, have alot less cravings than before, and my menses have been alot easier than ever in my life, i feel better overall. I could go on and on.. I recommend it to anyone who is open to healing..omg and my sleep is amazing now !! and less hot flashes !! do it !

  8. I bought whole leaf dulse and it's IMPOSSIBLE to grind it to small pieces. Does anyone know if it's ok to soak them for a while or something? Or if you could eat the dulse in other food and have the other ingredients in a smoothie?

  9. This is filled with so much misinformation…. you can live a very healthy life with very little part of your liver.

  10. Ugh, why did it have to be celery, one of the few vegetables I can't eat! I'm allergic, makes my tongue swell and throat close. Is there anything else that would help me detox besides celery?

  11. I’m 1 1/2 months on the 90 day programm in the book Thyriod Healing. Thursday i had to go to the doctor (MD) to check my blood. I had problems, i had the feeling like having sand in my eyes, night sweating, tiredness, pain in muscles, etc.

    Today i got the data my T4 is in good range but my TSH went to 12 last time it was 2.8. I got medicine to bring the TSH down because i can’t work when i’m tired and having muscle cramps.

    What does it say that my TSH goes up? My skinn is very shinny now, from the outside i look really good. Glittering eyes, very white the skin looks really healty. So what’s going on?

    Anybody an idea. My MD has no clue maybe one here?

    Oh forgotten; 9 years ago i was diagnosed by a endocrinologist with the disease Hashimoto.

    As it looks i went from Hashimoto to a subclinical hypothyroidism. So the cure is doing something, i got case change but is it for the better?

  12. I wish I had started this two or three years ago. but I'm afraid it's too late for me, pain in my stomach, crapping blood and slime , leg cramps , fatigue, pain in my right shoulder.can't sleep. doesn't matter that I just quit drinking after 35 years. A candle that burns twice as bright, burns half as long. It was fun.

  13. I wonder how long it takes before this guy is killed by the government because he’s healing people from the diseases that the government earns $$ from…

    Or how long it takes for celery to go missing from supermarkets ..

  14. I have been juicing for 14 days, 16oz every morning on an empty stomach. Day 1- went to the bathroom all day!! Every morning after I drink my juice, I go to the bathroom 20minutes later. My stomach is MAJORLY flatter which is amazing because I use to always look very bloated. My brain clarity is phenomenal. I exercise 7 days a week alternating between cardio and weights and my energy levels are astonishing and my recovery has never been better!! I will continue to juice ❤️ also, side note, I no longer crave coffee or alcohol🤔

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