Medical Marijuana May Soon Be Administered At California K-12 Schools

Ken Bastida reports on State Assembly passing bill that would allow prescribed medical marijuana to be administered at schools (8-26-2019)


  1. If you create little addicts in grade school, making them dependent on drugs at a young age… You make their chances even higher to go into other drugs such as crack cocaine, opioids, meth, etc… Don't believe me.? Ask a recovering drug addict how toxic marijuana is in respect to the urge for other drugs & a greater high eventually. This law is absurd. Speak out people! While there's still a chance. Saved our youth and save a generation.. These are our future lawyers, doctors, senators, teachers, etc… Must everyone in society get high, be high?????

  2. Is there anyone at all paying attention to what's happening in our society? Now our children stand to be little addicts before they graduate high school. Utterly outrageous. Jesus is soon to return. Please read the book of Revelation chapters 14, and chapters20-22. Please let's all repent, ask Christ into your heart, and be faithful to Him until He returns. He spoke of times like this happening right before His return, how society would begin to fail…

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