Mayo Clinic Minute: How the thyroid affects the heart

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in the front of the neck. It produces a hormone called thyroxine or T4 that controls virtually every organ system in the …


  1. Hey!
    I want to know ,is taking thyroxin tablets very important in hypothyroidism…..
    Or we can improve our diet n get rid of these problems?!
    Plzzzzzzzzzz do answer.

  2. I greatly appreciate this quick piece. Having Hashimto's has been quite the learning adventure. Lesson #1 – not all blood work = what's really going on in your body. Had normal thyroid levels but was developing a goiter and had difficulty swallowing. Wasn't until diagnostic ultrasound that my self-destructing thyroid was discovered.

    This video was great in helping me to understand why my endocrinologist has been watching my cholesterol levels so closely. And the video also is helping me understand why I'm beginning to develop heart palpations.

    Who knew such a wee organ could be so powerful?

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