Mario cart vape pen review

A review of three pens that digresses into the political blocks for handicapped people to get medicine .Hoe in this country we call the United States. How can it …


  1. It just bugs me… My parents are 40 and dad smokes weed and mom will want to send you to hell if she catches you. When I’m high around her and she doesn’t know I feel more happy of course when I talk to her and family cuz people who know me knows I won’t say a word. But I wish older people would take the time to understand weed and not just think it’ll give you 100 years in prison and end your life with one hit. My point is people need to open up and just let it happen. It’s not bad and it makes great memories and friendship

  2. 1st time seeing your videos, i like the honesty and integrity of your content. Btw im a disabled veteran usmc 2007-2015.

  3. You know that Mario carts are just envelopes you buy on eBay or amazon it’s not a real company . Who actually made the pen that’s the question .

  4. That was pretty sad🙏🏻 sorry😇 about your grandparents but I do have a question or all of these cartridges Black Market because I live in California where everything has to be tested and they've got it in a dispensary has white Wookies and I want to try it but I'm freaked out anybody got any information please! Let me know if buy these legit if rot from a dispensary? 🙏😇

  5. all Mario carts are fake. google Mario carts vape and the empty carts, packaging and batteries pop up for sale. some are good but its just some random dude making them in your neighborhood. no website to speak of. if they were legit they would have shut down Alibaba, amazon and eBay selling their packaging quick

  6. Smoking the gushers rn, not a big fan of Mario karts tbh there alright, my favorite are the Dank vapes, those rip the best

  7. The king pen is way better and last way longer. Also the king pen comes with 1000 mg. I tried these Mario carts for 25 bucks and it was trash and burned up fast af. My king pens last me up to 5-7 days where as these cheap ass ones only last me a day or two and there the same price as king pens where I'm at.

  8. Look he's getting psychotic now with knives this is what this drug does in the pen it's not him it's the chemicals he smoking

  9. Have you realized he hasn't been responding to anybody's messages he might be very sick right now I would if I was smoking chemicals meth heads like this stuff

  10. Stop buying these fucking Pesticide Ridden Hotdog water filled Carts. They're just a bunch of cheap Chinese Ebay or Dhgate packaging filled with who the fuck knows what.

  11. I thought it was bullshit when my friend told me to hit his pen 15 mins later I was stuck then realized it was because of the pen 😂

  12. I heard this are poisonous ☠️ don’t promote this not hating I tried strawberry pie can you inform me in these and is 40 a piece a good price

  13. Im in Florida and i get them really easy. All mine i get are sealed but i noticed if you move the package a certain way they can be unpeeled at the seal and closed like it was never even opened in the first place. But the oil is clear and non dirty looking and is thick and not thin. Do you think these are the ones that have pesticides?

  14. I got Sherblato Mario carts hybrid. I am a daily smoker of medical. Tell me if it is fake why am I am I stuck like Chuck? Why am I stoned?

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