1. Ok, dumb question for anyone. If trulieve is traded as TRUL in Canada and traded as TCNNF in the USA, is there a perfectly balanced price correlation between the two?

  2. Thanks. Very cool work room! The tall bush might have found a small water source underground that the others haven't .

  3. Was looking at medmen chart as a whole earlier and its just not very TA friendly kinda hard to determine a probable outcome when it always manages to break patterns even my long term indicator Is just all over the place there MMEN off in its own world

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  5. The only thing i can think of is that the plant is reaching for sunlight… Or it's just more bullish than the other bushes

  6. If you find that bush is in more shady area then rest it will stretch to get more sun. Had 1 in front my house that did same thing few months back and I just chopped it for aesthetics

  7. I felt the cannabis mkt really started to perk up after release of Wash Post article indicating that vape fatalities likely tied to vitamin E contaminants in cannabis (black market) oils.

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