1. I traded CRON today with a stop below 11.70. It kept hitting 11.87 with resistance, finally breaking through. I anticipated it to move up and took profit at 12.05 area. I did not expect it to go into 12.20s. This was a very rewarding trade. Thanks for all you do.

  2. Interesting how much the market sentiment has changed on individual tickers..APHA used to be lead bear and is now lead bull. CGC used to be lead bull and is now lead bear.

  3. Can you do an analysis or give your opinion on whats going on with truleave. Tcnnf. Good earnings came out . One of the few companies showing a profit in the mj sector. There is a lockup on shares, but why has this company bewn losing so much ground?

  4. Hey bro sent you an article on instagram may have been picked up by tcg in regards to IAN and overhang of plenty goodwill write off still hanging in the air similar to TILT, could explain weakness in ian not sure what the deal is with TRUL though, lately really noticing just how advanced tcg community is in covering the usa legalization and developments
    If tony m is reading this comment can you let me know where you pick up. News from what websites i know it was discussed before but i lost my info
    Lately been using newcannabisventures.com theyre decent but i know theres more to check at 6am

  5. Opinion on meaning/psychology behind every time CGC gets a 5 or 15 min bull break it dumps right after only to break support?

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