1. Hey Dan. Love your style of technical analysis. It makes things so much clearer and less stressful. Cant thank you enough. Hey what are your thoughts of SPR? Broke some key resistance points today.

  2. You know Dan is making Bank well making this video. Definitely in a trade. That's why he couldn't take his eyes off the other screen. You are da man Dan!

  3. Dan, Always appreciate your analysis. Very well done. I’m from Jackson, WY (and Grand Teton NP) and now live in Utah and Idaho so really can relate to your video journey in many places. Thx for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the analysis Dan!! Wonder if there's any predators "eyeing you up" out there in the wilderness?? Looks beautiful.

  5. I used to really enjoy the technical analysis. Now I enjoy the Dan personality and show and tell time / philosophy chats just as much!
    Keep doing what you're doing good sir. Thank you!

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