1. What I don't like about this feature is that I am unable to specifically invest in the company I desire. Which is a huge flaw in my eyes. So, basically I invest X amount of funds into their "corporate Cannabis" and from there I have NO IDEA which companies I invested in. They choose not me, which sucks big time.

  2. Thank you for your time brother man, that was very informative. I asked a question and you had the very answer that I was searching for…mad props!

  3. I am pissed off I didn’t get in on Tesla when it was 75. Couple years ago now it’s nearly 350. When will Tesla be affordable to buy in again ?

  4. Hey man i just found your channel! I've been Bing watching your videos because I'm trying to learn this to. I haven't actually even set up suretrader or td but I was wondering how things have been going more recently? Would you mind if i contacted you via email? Thanks brotha for the videos.

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