Marijuana Myths | Abhitosh Tripathi | Srijan Talks

Shri. Abhitosh Tripathi shares the story of a dioecious flowering plant Hemp or Marijuana, it’s medicinal and business uses and sheds light on its past and …


  1. hemp rope is replaced by synthetic rope, so the agriculture of hemp in my country for rope industry vanished, so this industry has profit from criminalising this plant, for that, it needed to be imported and distributed among hippies, so that it gives impression that it is dangerous to use it

  2. मुझे लगता है अगर आप हिंदी में समझाते तो ओर बढ़िया से समझाते कमसकम हर एक सेन्टेंस के बाद एटसक्ट्रा एटसक्ट्रा तो नही कहना पड़ता आपको

  3. हिंदी बोल लेते तो बेहतर रहता , तुम्हे क्या लगता है कि इंग्लिश वाले लौंडे इसपर कुछ करेंगे ।

  4. सोधन उपरांत अनुपान सह पालनीय ,एबं
    ये कहना ठीक की ड्रग्स से बेहतर ll कोई ब्यबहार कारी छोड़ सकता है कभी ,जब उनके शरीर परिबेश परिथिति के अनुकूल
    ना हो ,पर ड्रग्स से उइथद्र सहज आसान नहीं.
    येएन्सिएंट से उपयोगी होते आया है,हाँ कुछ
    पर बिल्कुल ग्रहणीय नहीं जैसे कुछ दबाई कुछ ऐसे की आहार भी जैसे एलर्जी रखता
    हैऐसे कुछ .(जरूर जानकारी रहे की मस्तिष्क पर कुछ सुस्क रखता जो मानसिक संतुलन ओ खो देते हैं जिन्हे ये ग्रहणीय नहीं होता पर
    सहीअनुपान अनुसार ये कुछ सहन रखता है)

  5. It was banned by due to US pressure and now they are minting billions by legalising it. Let's now legalize our sacred plant cannabis in India!

  6. India cultivated hemp for centuries and Dow Chemicals is profiting from its illegality with the help of USA 'fake news'. Then it sounds right about India throwing out the gold for imported horse manure. Now, will India pay Dow Chemicals royalties on the patents derived from hemp or go on its own?

  7. Better protein absorption
    CBD is known to help curing cancer
    CBD is known to treat anxiety, sleep disorder
    The benefits of Cannabis are innumerable

  8. Point to be noted before drawing any conclusions..
    Hemp and marijuana even look and smell the same .The difference is hemp plants contains o.3% of THC(psychoactive substance) where as ,marijuana typically contains 5 to 20% THC .You can't get high on hemp.

  9. It would have been a better talk if the speaker didn't use "etcetra etcetra", "so on and so forth", "whatever" repetitively during his talk.

  10. We need to take a signatutre campaign and also write to relevant ministries about it Modi Government will act as it will help farmers

  11. Kaneh Bosm (Cannabis) in the Hebrew and Latin Language means Anointed… Likewise, Christ in the Hebrew and Latin Language means Anointed… It's more mysterious than many recognize…

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