1. Seeds here now…. is miles ahead of all the other seed banks!! Much respect for trying to save this community and culture!! Peace and Growers love!!

  2. They're buying autos because they're trying to bang out shit product as fast as possible…extreme lack of knowledge here. If you know your shit, move here and take over

  3. Oklahoma weed is TRAAAAAASH. There is like one shop in the Tulsa area with decent nug….everyone else is growing and selling $350oz mids

  4. What event will he be at in Oklahoma on 4-20? I would like to attend but not sure about the event. There are a couple going on that weekend. Thanks

  5. Can't wait to pop my F1's! Three different strains last year pollinated, seeds all gleaned over the years (don't know the specifics). I'm hoping the purple characteristics from the father and the haze from one mom comes through in spades. Spring can't come any sooner! 👴❤️️✌️️

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