1. Pallister just makes claims with no citations or justifications at all. His words sound good and are easy to believe; my wife and I know much different first hand with both of us in healthcare and education.

  2. The question that ALWAYS gets to me when election time comes around is: where does everyone find the information that supports their vote, and how do they convince themselves that this information is reflective of the truth and not spun in some manner by partisanship?

    In other words, how do you go about making a rational vote?

  3. We all love to hate politicians but the PCs now have track record. A record of improving the economy while reducing excessive spending. They have improved the future for all Manitoba. To my amazement, they fulfilled the promise of a reduced PST. It now looks like the PC's much hated heath care changes are working too. So I'm voting PC because it is working.

  4. What a completely disorganized shitshow of a debate. No time for a half coherent thought. Moderator might be on ambien. Nobody had anything resembling an answer to a question besides pallister. NDP promise free money, Greens promise free money both with no plan as to where it’s going to come from. Liberals had nothing to say at all really. Pallister says lower taxes, balanced budget, increased healthcare spending and new jobs. Having previously known next to nothing about any of these people or their platforms, I think I know who I’ll be voting for.

  5. kids are already growing up to be environmentalists BECAUSE of the lack of change happening bih going outside does not make you an environmentalist, actually caring and doing what you can makes you one. clearly pallister isn't

  6. CBC what candidate are you going to promote and lie for. We know your creditably Is beyond reproach from past experience.
    The tax funded feminists Marxist media of Canada is the young Turks of the north and is as respected ,especially your journalists.

  7. Do these politicians realize how much debt our province is in? All they keep talking about is spend spend spend.

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