1. This video is about how Businesses can capitalize$ on harnessing a Narcissist-monster in your workplace to take the best advantage. You just gotta laugh.

  2. Being in a relationship with a malignant narcissist is incredibly damaging! Been there. On the other hand, I have also noticed that there's a growing paranoia that as a whole we are developing for each other. The more detached we become the more we begin to suspect the other of being a potential threat. Who's mentally ill? Who's about to be the next shooter? Now, who's a narcissist? Aargh!!! One more monster among us to watch out for. I ask that we all begin looking for ways to connect, to affirm each other, to support each other. Can we possibly help someone with narcissist tendencies by avoiding them? What about the depressed, the anxious, the addicted? I'm far from perfect. Maybe more so than most. Let's just be nice rather than on the lookout.

  3. Narcissism is awesome, I love narcissism, everyone should just realize that the whole reason the universe exists is so that I'm happy. True.

  4. The best defense against narcs exploiting you is to analyse yourself and work to unlearn any codependant traits you have. If you feed them, you are a narc magnet, you will attract them. If you are over empathetic, you have to balance it with logic and knowledge. Set really honest boundries and stick to them firmly.

  5. Just want to point out the irony of this talk: this is advise for the people who run companies, who are more likely to be sociopaths, on how to manage narcissists lol

  6. Love how baby boomers blame millennials for everything when they're the ones who shat up America before we ever got here …. Projection!

  7. With a narchole its really simple, stroke them a bit. Flattery, with a narcissist goes a long looonnng way…

  8. look for their childish and grandiose attitude as they are trying to impress you about something so very superficial. or when they pull out steep delusions of grander you know they will never reach. and see the contempt smile in their superficial stories that they use to make themselves look good

  9. Wtf? Give them pay rises, constantly?? Even the milder Narcs are destructive in the workforce. I should know, I was forced to leave my job because of one. They cause nothing but trouble, even the ones on management positions. It's better to weed them out in the hiring process than manage them. It's too much work.

  10. Anyone that starts with the Narcissus story lost my credibility. Narcs are AI clones in the demon army of the Void. It’s amateur opinions like these that encourage humanity to accept these beasts that destroy everyone and eventually themselves. Run! Quit your job, your so called relationship and so called friendships. Run!

  11. My parents were narcissist. It took me sixty years to figure it out. I lived through it. They did not break my spirit but they did break my heart.

  12. Give narcs raises and make it nice for them? Sorry mom I’m not, out these freaks then fire them. Grow up then you know. Promote those that are not this.

  13. Narcs will always destroy a work environment! Always! They will destroy morale and steal from the company. Everytime!

  14. Former partner is so scatter-brained, as he is very hard to communicate with. He has many drug and alcohol addictions that would drive him to anger and violence.

  15. Self-care is NOT narcissism.
    Standing up for yourself is NOT narcissism.
    Being enraged at corruption and injustice is NOT narcissism.

  16. This woman seems to not have had ANY actual real life experience with one of these demon spawns. She really shouldn’t even be allowed to address this subject to the masses when she’s clearly giving advice that is not only detrimental but extremely dangerous.
    Narcissists systematically destroy everything that brings you happiness. This is how they live.
    Just. Get. Away. Fast.

  17. Um… yea… setting boundaries … which they will disregard because it conflicts with their superiority… and setting expectations… which they will decide to never live up to… right… you lost me there.
    How do you employ a pathological liar? Oh right… a lawyer… maybe there is hope after all.

    Your theory is a good idea in theory, but it will never work in practice. Narcissists make the rules, then change the rules, and always have an excuse for everything. They cannot be held accountable for any action because they are always the victim, and they will always repeat the crime because they feel like committing it, and when confronted they will only "feel" sorry for themselves because they were caught. It only means they will try harder not to get caught next time.

  18. I need to send this to our HR, as  government agency we have issues in hiring leadership positions in that 6 – 10% range.

  19. I think about 1/3 of people are narcissists/sociopaths. The largest minority. They're probably at the root of most of humanity's woes. They run the world, though. What happens when we "weed them out."if we fought, they would win. She pretends that "we" just have to discipline them when they are currently disciplining us.

  20. Shes right but what i dont like about her presentation is the fact that shes stereotyping one generation which is really harmful. I saw an article bashing a generation like she did here.

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