Making Your Own Concentrate Vape Juice

In this Tutorial we show you how to turn your own solid concentrates like shatter and wax, and turn it into a vape juice you can use in almost any tank style …


  1. Thumbs up this is the best emulsifier I've found. Every flavor I've tried is spot on and Terped the F out. Only took 7 drops to suspend a gram. Saved me a small fortune already. 👍👍

  2. Just purchased the granddaddy in the solvent and omg was I surprised on how easy and well it worked! 10/10 would use again

  3. Essentially it’s way better making your own carts opposed to buying them from dispensaries at $30-45 bucks a pop

  4. I use kief from my grinder. First activate it in oven at 225F for 25 minutes, put the kief in a wax paper envelope closed in a aluminium envelope. Then mix 2g of activated kief in 30 ml of ejuice. I use a crock pot with a little water at the bottom to cook the mix in a shot glass for 6 hours, cover the shot glass with a small piece of plastic food wrap and shake once in a while. Once done filter the mix with a coffe filter paper and then put the mix back in the empty ejuice bottle. Et voilà! It's really potent and 30 ml of thc ejuice will last for a long time. I'm even trying to make a second batch with the filtred kief form my first batch.

  5. Do you guys ship to Europe too ? Thanks for reply and love the distilate liquids … Thats like one gram till 1,5 grams on 2 ml hehe one puff makes you cou t the pieces of your soul thats converted into a Fucking puzzle Hahahaha ;))) Many greetings and i would like to give it a try man ! Hooe i can order that solvent somewhere ?;)

  6. Teied it and it got fucked ;( now i FINNALY FOUND THE NARIO KARTS IN HOLLAND HELLLLLLLL YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! No more Fucking cooking Meth ehhhhh i mean cooking extracts but nice and Fucking tasty VAPE THC LIQUID FROM KALI EXTRACTS YESSSSSS!!!! We found somebody who gets it across the borders FINNALY !!!
    Expensive but i dont care as long as we can medicate ourselfs !;))

  7. Have tried it with normal 70/30 but it fucked up .. it wasted a gram of good concentrate fuck ;(( but Hell Yeah i MUST HAVE IT ! I need it for my daily medicine all day .. and its PERFECT for me and my wife but we just cant buy it here ;(((!we have asked so many people in the usa to help us out and send us THC distillaten vape vartridges … We DO PAY in advance and for shipping and if you like we pay extra for it ! I understand the dispensiaries .. i have mailed them so many times but they just dont want to loose their licence offcourse .. however people can help me and my wife out .. they buy andthen send it by package to me .. I really dont understand theprobkem .. Will you help us out ??

  8. one lil container of this fluid in the package? about $20 looks like it makes 5 or 6 pen style tanks. not bad. i spoke too soon haha

  9. WTF is solvent ?? Be more specific please .. here in Europe they are Fucking crazy and we all vape but is this also POSSIBLE with standard e sig liquid 7@/30 ??? I do not see why not .. or is it ONLY with that solvent shit ?? Thanks for reply and please talk kouder or get a other mic ;))

  10. Have a question: so i put about 1.1 grams in container . Some of the particles couldnt break all the way down but for the most part it did , i put this into my stiizy carts and noticed the liquid turns black after it comes in contact with heat why is this ?

  11. Hi I vape and make my own e juice. But using concentrated is different. Can you tell me best atomizer for concentrates. I know the Cheap small atomizer can leak. Looking for ceramic dual coil top fill. I have bug tanks build my coils but they use cotton for regular juice. No leak = no waste. Help. Thanks.

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