1. Hay got a question. I got some xct oil and getting thc free CBD isolat crystals. Made this way still has the CBD effect? Right?

  2. Why no sunflower lecithin? I hear people say it's important but don't see everyone use it? Could this be skipped without much added affect? Probably a dumb question google seems to be failing me..

  3. Thank you, the solvents and stills and presses were driving me crazy. I have cancer and I want to try to get the best result easy enough for me and cost effective. This has shown me how to make a CBD oil from my hemp that is manageable. I will be using a tincture though. Doing that I now have to find out how to remove the chlorophyll, to help improve taste.

  4. When decarbing, the best method to preserve the terps which would have otherwise evaporated off, is to place the nugs in a deeper + large (surface area) casserole dish. Apply a very tight layer of tin foil over the top of the container and seal around the rim … repeat with a 2nd sheet of aluminum foil. Remember, the goal here is to 1) Not stink up the house, and 2) PRESERVE the terps that would have been evaporated away had there been no lid. When the decarbing is complete, leave the foil on the dish until it has cooled to about room temperature and the terpenes have fallen back into the mixture.

  5. Has anyone tried making MCT OIL with THC DISTILLATE? I'm very interested in the heating aspect, it's nessecary to heat the mixture to get it to bond i know but has anyone tried it and if so what are your results & thoughts?

  6. How have I missed out on this channel till now? Regardless I'm SO happy I found it now! Bicycles, Cannabis, and Tattoos, talk about the trifecta! Keep up with all the great content Dustin, love your stuff!

  7. Great vid! Is that enough of a decarb time to maximise the conversion of THC-A? I’ve been burned in the past when I didn’t decarb enough and expected it to continue decarbing in the oil which it didn’t!

  8. What about vaping this stuff if using MCT oil? I see several distilleries selling CBD vape oil using MCT instead of PG/VG. I've read about lipid pneumonia but the verdict still seems to be out.

  9. hey bro, great video, thanks for sharing, i have a question, would that oil work in a vape pen? or how can i make e juice with mct oil. thanks a lot

  10. So if you do an 8th, then you use almost 2x as much oil, 6 oz., which is opposite of what you said in the beginning if the video going with twice the flower to oil. Is there a lower limit in quantity where thw 1part oil / 2 parts flower doesnt hold?

  11. Thank you. What is max temp in crock pot so as to not destroy the cannabis? How to keep it from spoiling or losing efficacy over time?

  12. what's the second element mention for description? Genotypes and then cannabinoid and ? ratio? Sounds like turfene? Thanks!

  13. I have been a long time maker and taker of this magical oil. Got some frozen and ready for boofing. I got a press for Christmas and have been loving the fresh rosin. Cheers buddy!

  14. Do you like the timing of using capsules on rides? Every person responds differently but I'm curious how you time it for your desired effect.

  15. no problems with the oil dissolving the gelatine capsules? and i would question if the carboxylization in the oven is really obligatory. e.g. it will work if you just take a fat-containing substance like oil or butter and throw the chopped up flowers into it…

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