Allow adults to make decisions for their own body in any way they see fit. We are not property of governments.

    'Shrooms specifically are amazing.
    To stop someone self medicating is nothing short of fascism.
    As someone who has severe depression and has experimented with mushrooms I can honestly say that without them I may not have survived.
    Criminalizing psilocybin is murder!!!

  2. Non-drug user here. I'll fight to the fucking death to defend the validity of shrooms as a legitimate and effective medicinal substance. And frankly, they are nigh harmless recreationally, bar  for people with varying degrees of psychosis and whatnot. Also, what Ryan Manevar was getting at actually seems very well thought out, because the issues with full legalization are most CERTAINLY manifesting with weed already. I think his route seems the best thus far, and I actually wish it had been taken with weed.

  3. Great video, but PLEASE normalize the volume on these. Phil and the interview were so quiet compared to the main coverage that I had to keep adjusting my volume

  4. If it's for mental health such as the video stated, Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD (which are all what I have), then I'm all for it! I've struggled with them for the longest time and while some meds work as long as I take only them (which i'm not at the moment), I really want to see what taking magic mushrooms is like for medical use because I want to know if taking it once would help me a whole ton in the long run.

    I remember having a conversation with an ex co worker about a specific drug to use with the medical/therapeutic study research specifically to those that struggle with PTSD, very similar to what was talked about in the video. Now I wonder if the magic mushrooms were what he was saying because I couldn't remember what specific drug he and I were talking about.

  5. My old boss suffers from PTSD. I suffer from depression. Both of us could benefit from the legalization of a myriad of drugs chemicals and concoctions that are only banned out of paranoia or complacency. Legalizing and medicating this n more could flat out save lives. I do hope it doesnt become monopolized though.

  6. Having shrooms would be good. Not only because of my and my family’s anxiety issues, but because I enjoy occasional use. But to by honest, I prefer LSD. A longer, less intense trip, that does more good to me mentally (provided you are in the right mindset, the right environment, and the right company.)

  7. Great vid! I know it is unlikely that you'll see this but I do have a suggestion for the channel. I think that your other hosts should get a little face time towards the end of the video. As they do more stories, I think it would be nice to have a face to the voice and build a larger fan base for the individual hosts. Kinda like Vox does at the end of their vids with the journalist asking for thoughts from the audience/closing out the story. I mean, PDF should still do the intros as the channel is growing, but I personally think it will help the journalists' future career, attract more talent for RR, and help make PDF less of the whole face of RR. Just an idea.

  8. I think schedule 1 labeling doesn’t work it limits our research. Why wouldn’t we want to study everything and see its effects and benefits and/or harm. Knowledge is power.

  9. Governments are, unfortunately, still working off of an agenda that is so outdated it's almost laughable. Despite the masses of scientific data available stating otherwise, their view is all drugs are bad, end of discussion. The police, in my country at least, have stated views that run counter to government policy regarding the punishment of drug users. It's a genuine shame that the discussion is dictated by what politicians think 'the people' want to hear, rather than a sensible drug policy.

  10. Magic Mushrooms DEFINITELY helps some people with mental health issues without any of the side effects that can come with some other medications. Psilocybin combined with therapy is a WONDERFUL idea. When you have depression that is resistant to treatment and suddenly, for the first time before recent memory, you are HAPPY and laughing and talking, it is such a blessing that I can't even really begin to put into words. WHY do you want to keep that from people??
    OH and an added side effect. When these things keep you up all the time and you get little to no sleep to the point you start feeling like you are going crazy and then … YOU GET TO FALL ASLEEP?!?! If you haven't been there, you don't know. Getting sleep when you haven't had one hour in days can be such a big deal you want to cry from happiness when you wake up.

  11. As a sufferer of Depression, Generalized Anxiety, and PTSD, mushrooms were the ONLY thing to get rid of all of my symptoms for a few days. It was like they shoved all of my mental illnesses into a locked box at the back of my brain and it was glorious. I sobbed from how happy and beautiful I felt for the first time in my life. So I am all about decriminalization because PTSD especially is hell to deal with and anything to relieve those symptoms is a miracle.

  12. Ok I know I'm in the minority here, but what on Earth is wrong with people. Magic mushroom, marijuana, etc., is NOT BLOODY CORN. Holy moly. It comes with a LOT more responsibility and care and is not something you should be reckless with. Now I'm not for people going to jail but I'm certainly not for having it be grown like it's just some other crop on the market. That is absolutely a recipe for disaster worse than where we currently are. And how can people be so confident to allow anybody to use a drug that barely has any research done on it? My God. My brain hurts from this I'm sorry.

  13. Well, just for anyone who is wondering you can grow shrooms at home and all the things you need to use are all legal to buy, it just becomes illegal when you plant it. like cannabis in most countrys you can buy the seeds the tent, lights fans everything you need ( just don't get caught ). But unlike growing weed you just need a jar or plastic tub, certain soil and nothing really gives you away, cannabis puts your electricity bill up and the word dank seems weak compared to 4 plants growing. Grow your own shrooms grow your own weed and if your lucky enough grow your own food

  14. All drugs should be decriminalized and more rehab centers and programs should be easily accessible for those who can't function while using their drug of choice

  15. I've had drastic results after starting to consume LSD, which structurally is very similar to Psilocin, a couple of times per year. My depression is pretty much gone now

  16. Been considering taking these after my years of being addicted to adderall (it was prescribed for my ADD) are well past me. Taken acid before and loved it, though I shouldn't have had greasy food before I did lol. Just unsure if it's that different of a trip. Really would love to be somewhere I didnt have to be paranoid and uncomfortable to try it out.

  17. I'm bipolar and have to regularly take psych meds. Mushrooms wouldn't be a good idea for me because it can cause mania but if it can help other people then great. We need a bigger spotlight on mental health in this country. It's not right that people get shamed for wanting help. Many who don't deal with this sort of thing on a day to day basis really don't seem to get it.

  18. As a California voter, I fully support the decriminalization of these mushrooms. However I am also in favor of more research to assist those in true need of its medical benefits. Until America cracks down on Big Pharma, the people who charge so much for insulin—a drug made for pennies— that people are dying because they can’t afford it, I don’t want them to have any control over it. Research is always good in my eyes and giving people more understanding and knowledge of how to help themselves or where to find the resources is a win in my book. I started using cannabis for pain management in March of this year and though it as helped a lot, I wish there was a way to test and figure out medicinally what doses, strands, and products target most successful my pain, anxiety, and depression. Whenever I go to a dispensary it honestly irks me when the clerks through around the term patient when they have no training in pharmacology as applied to the human body. It often just creates more anxiety of not knowing if I’m spending my very meager funds on a trial-by-error product. Alright, some “errors” have been fun, but I’m stuck with it till the justifiable purchase. I’m just tired of ignorance and often down right stupidity blocking real help people need. If there are potential cures and help for our ailments then I believe it’s our duty to explore all avenues with hard data and science and not be price-gouged for it. I’ve never done mushrooms myself but I do hope I can try some for my birthday in the future. And I only even began considering it when I saw the FDA approval report on its verified studied use and reviewed some of those studies. I hope it’s one of the measures I get to vote on 2020.

  19. Referring to psilocybin as “Magic shrooms” on mainstream news just serves to discredit and bias fearful social conservatives against it.

  20. 1:10 Oh great another FOX lady has relatives with a knee-jerk conservative opinion. What a compelling anecdote to overshadow all the appointments evidence and reasons for Re-scheduling or decriminalizing.

    I wonder if anyone cares to ask her to give her family’s reasons for hating whatever they hate this time ? or if they’ll just let the FOX audience take for granted some ill-defined notion of maniacs on Psilocybin mushrooms loitering menacingly on their lawn

    It’s not like all rules for usage will be taken away.
    I trust it will at least remain illegal to be intoxicated while driving, underage, or out of control in public…

  21. If a chemical is less harmful than alcohol,
    then why should our ability to use it be any more restricted than alcohol ?

    And then the additional fact that something has medical applications which need to be studied makes the criminalization of it downright immoral.
    Typical emotional conservatism bullshit.

    Btw I’m not much of a drug user myself — rarely drink to get get drunk and just will share some weed with a friend on special occasions. But I have tried psilocybin mushrooms, on 2 occasions, and aside from really memorable bonding experiences, it was remarkable how my clinically severe OCD urges totally melted away, at least for 24 hours or so.

    So, lock me up!

    Those few experiences of feeling what it’s like for me to not be bothered by my OCD is mainly what encouraged me to FINALLY give medication a try.

    Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) don’t make ocd symptoms vanish as magically as the mushrooms did for me, but they can help enough to get your life together, without the trippy side effects.

    a few months of consistent use of the drug prescribed to me, and it’s gradually elevated the anxiety of resisting compulsions, which is the chemical assist I needed to get on track and discipline myself with exposure therapy.

    Ok Good luck psychonauts and regular folks,
    and please vote wisely with science-based reasoning as your guide

  22. Shrooms are great. You don't need a therapist to help you with them to get some healthy benefit from doing shrooms. Do them in nature, and the nature it self will be the therapist. I did them more times that I can remember back in my college days, and to not go into to long a detail… the only change and lasting effects that my constant trips left me is a deeper appreciation of everything in life… small and big. Nature, Animals, Art, Music, solitude, companionship, color… to name a few.

    I believe it wholeheartedly that there is medicinal value in taking shrooms… or Psilocybin.

  23. I take CBD oil (it's the part of marijuana that doesn't make you high and xan be derived from hemp as well) which has been the first thing I have ever taken that stops my hemiplegic migraines before they escalate and leave me bedridden for up to two weeks. It also is the best thing for when my anxiety spikes or I'm trying to have a panic attack. All with little to no negative side effects. And it was never suggested by any of my doctors (including specialists!). I was given medications with bad side effects and serious long term effects. They all barely worked, if at all.

    I took CBD oil because a friend gave me a bottle to try to help my anxiety and even then I only tried it to make her happy. I was a huge skeptic and blew off (even when it worked because placebos right?). I've been taking it as needed for months now and through myself and friends, I've seen it work for anxiety, seizure reduction, migraines, topically for sore muscles and when I threw out my back, and pain and swelling from impacted wisdom teeth (she went from unable to even open her mouth to eating a burger)! I brought it up to my doctors (general, neuro, migraine, and psy) and none of them were aware of it's uses and were very sceptical to dismissive of it.

    All of this is why both decriminalization and legalization are so important. Don't make it a crime to have or to try them. Push treatment for adiction (like the medical condition it is) instead of throwing every person in jail who looks at a drug sideways (including those who use it as a treatment for a condition they have). Push medical research and make it okay for doctors to prescribe it at a reasonable level (instead of just a blank ticket with a nod) so that doctors will be trained on it's uses, benefits, interactions, contraindications, side effects, and which patients are the best candidates to try it. Sure doing both means that any joe blow can order things like psychedelic mushrooms on Amazon under the same category as tylenol or just grab some when they go to the drug store, but it also means that doctors will have copious amounts of solid research on it (instead of rare papers done on a small scale and occasional case studies) and can prescribe it safely. You could even make it a law that over the counter varieties have to be weaker or smaller doses (to keep people new to using such things from taking more than what's safe without the supervision and approval of a doctor) and have contact information for support centers and the like right on the package for those who might have a problem. More dangerous ones (like crack and meth) would most likely never be sold in stores, but decriminalizing would still make it easier for people to get help and make it easier for those who have prescriptions to get their medications (my best friend has narcolepsy and is actually prescribed meth and rophies for her condition, so trust me when I say just about every street drug is another person's medical treatment).

  24. I'm in oregon and i hope to gods they legalize this i genuinely believe if you micro dose once in a while does wonders i have D.I.D and depression severve stress and anxiety disorders. They truly do help

  25. I'm a huge advocate for the legalization of shrooms. I decided to brew myself a tea last year, and even half a tea cup was enough to leave me feeling far less anxious and my PTSD symptoms were greatly relaxed for up to four months. I decided to try them when I read an article from someone who suffered abuse, who got to try them in a controlled study. That information really helped me make an educated decision and I think the government needs to be an advocate for self education about certain drugs. It is far safer than allowing Big Pharmaceutical companies to be the only ones allowed to experiment with illegal substances.

  26. Alcohol and all other drugs that have anywhere near similar effects are still regulated. Completely regulating it is not wise.
    But it should be decriminalized.

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