Loneliness: An Epidemic in our Society and Why We Need to Change – Teal Swan Speech London 2018

Teal Swan gave this speech on the Epidemic of Loneliness at Alternatives in London. Teal explains about why she wrote The Anatomy of Loneliness using …


  1. Come create the platform designed to combat loneliness
    Together we can create a space where everyone is heard and seen as they are
    We can have a conversation that changes the world
    Come participate Wednesdays 11am PST (and growing to 24/7)

  2. in any case this life ,very hard, ,.the lessons we had to take,.,jeez i never expected would be that hard n groundbreaking

  3. matt kahn ,twin flames soulmates ,
    See it have a GOOD laugh to open up, do the clearing
    n learn NON JUDGMENT AND LOVE YOURSELF , are the tools fast, to heal from narc abuse n codependent syndrome.
    (watch your heart feel the feeling n be sincere and courageous to accept not avoid it It holds the entire truth of what you couldnt understand and it will surprise you what the heart sais vrs what mind said
    Then watch this For all the rest each n every case
    the 2 can heal you THANK YOU SO MUCH TEAL!

  4. Wow… I didn’t know I wasn’t the only one who would put suicide off, I had severe PPD and if it wasn’t for my daughter nursing and only nursing I wouldn’t have had a reason but I always said “when she’s done nursing I’ll end it” then when that day came I didn’t want to do it anymore.

  5. It took her 3 years to work out that we are lonely because we are social creatures? lol Her stuff is just attempted spirituality through a feminist lens….

  6. Thank you so much for such a wonderful explanation of expressing oneself, and learning to love each aspect of oneself, these selves being me. Awesome!!

  7. Yes that makes a lot of sense. Energy vampires or criminals act out against others in Order to protect themselves from feeling unempowered. The only way we heal the world is if Every single person vampire or not goes into an hour of meditation looking all the way to the core of herself or himself and allowing the inner voice to speak to them without resisting it. Then gradually we can make peace with all movements and reaction patterns in ourselves. Then we can feel the other and accept the other the way he is and only then can the other trust enough to allow himself to be who he really is namely the inner child the real person with all of the vulnerabilities that come with it.

  8. Slaves who can’t see the masters are still slaves. Humans have no idea what they are anymore. They are separated classified by labels and beliefs which are not reality. Ideas, belief, faith, theories are all words for the same thing. Jargon for the word guess. The preoccupation of the human male regarding value and worth. The root of the distortion which has infected every human even Teal. She is resistant but the fame and attention she will receive for the work she does will always destroy a person. Always. She is a woman so she is strong of spirit for woman is the stronger of the sexes of Spirit because mother is the voice of authority. Woman can use the powers of destruction to heal, teach and protect the people. Only woman can use the dark because she is night to his day. She can use the light but it is not her power as the church has beaten and burnt and raped into all humans for thousands of years. The seven deadly sins are not evil and the light is not good. This is a distortion of truth, a lie. To embrace a distortion is to wound the spirit. Humans do not dictate the nature of reality. That they think they do is both arrogant and stupid. Good is not the opposite of evil. This is not a reality of opposing forces. Look at the natural world. It’s natural state is perfect harmony. All life takes from life to live but in nature this is done swiftly and efficiently inflicting the least amount of pain and fear. Suffering the denial of pain or joy doesn’t occur in nature. Or it didn’t until the human became something unbalanced.

    The sickness of spirit called evil. Good and bad are complementary forces. They are both natural and good when kept in balance. Just like night and day come together and create time, good and bad come together and create a damn good time. Evil is outside of the natural world. It is unbalanced and in conflict with its own nature. It thinks it has the right to dictate the nature of reality. You can always tell the evil but evil never calls itself evil. Evil always thinks it is good. But you can always tell evil because evil is always fighting something it calls evil. Good doesn’t fight anything. Good doesn’t care about who is more powerful or who is more beautiful or who is better. Evil does. That is all evil cares about because evil hates itself. The primary symptom of evil is denial. Not all denial is evil but evil is always in denial. Humans are evil. Sick with evil.

    Life is not supposed to be complicated . It isn’t complicated. We complicate it rather then face the reality we do not want to accept. Humans are, for all their lofty words and ideas, self centered, violent, mean, and selfish. They think they have the right to place value and worth on life. Humans are not in anything they have done shown they are superior or worth more then the other life. The arrogance, the voice of pride, of the human is a foulness that stains everything they do. A world built on the death of 50% of the other life on the planet. Who told humans they were worth that much? Natural selection. But nothing humans do is natural. They pride themselves on being the masters of nature. That they can understand nature. That they can improve nature, fix nature’s mistakes. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. Ever. It is flawless. The natural world has no conflict. Unless a human is involved in it.

    This is because the human animal is unbalanced. The human animal is sick. Sick of spirit fed by its denial of reality for its own desires and the cheap golden mirror of its own pride. True love is not just a fairy tale. People don’t know what true love is anymore. Americans are taught that they get to decide the value and purpose of life and then they fight and argue and shame and ostracize each other over their beliefs regarding their purpose and value. Pride the dark love of self. The greatest love of all. The love that feels just like true love. True love is the love we all know for humans are born with open hearts. The power of the open heart that every child is gifted with. A power we teach them from the moment they are born to deny.

    This is the problem. Humans are sick with an illness of Spirit. Spirit is the intangible power that is the mind. Soul is the intangible power of the heart. Will is the intangible power of the Body. The three which are one. The trinity of life. truth is humans have made many mistakes. Mistakes they keep making rather than stopping because the only things we are taught to love are the dark loves of destruction. This is a reality of dualities.

    The tree of life know as the Torus. As above, so below. This is a reality of complementary forces. Not opposing. Only evil is in opposition, and evil is a sickness which makes all it infects unnatural. That is because evil think it is above all others. That it is more then all the others. That it has value worth all the others. It hates good and bad because good Ian’s bad are natural. It calls bad good and good evil because it is sick of spirit. Drunk on it pride and all the light and dark it has denied. Good is not light and dark is not evil. To teach this though, is evil. Good does not destroy evil, or vanquish the evil, or even fight the evil. To teach this though is evil.

    Humans do not dictate the nature of reality. They do get to assign value and purpose to life. Including their own. They are sick with their evil and have become unnatural because they refuse to see past their pride and have been taught to call darkness evil and light good so have denied both. Darkness and light can both blind a person and denial is the same thing as being blind, not seeing, ignoring, being indifferent to. Indifference is the single most damaging thing to all life. To deny either the natural light or dark within you is to plant what you deny into the garden of your heart and it will grow in the fell light of your indifference twisted and unnatural. These are called demons. The demons of denial. For denial is the name of the father of all lies and the mother of all demons. Denial of natural lust which all humans feel for both sexes. Shame is the demon born from the denial of pride. Rape and pedifilia are the demons born from the denial of lust. But light can blind you too. Hatred is the name of the demon born of the denial of true love. Insecurity is the demon born of the denial of humility.

    Balance is the key and also accepting the reality of this existence not trying to create what you want this life to be. We are not here to be comfortable and greedy and slothful and happy. That is not what you came into life for. Every life has a spark which is sleeping dreaming it was born and lives and dies. The Sparks of life which forget in this dream what they are. The dream they all dream together so that they can learn. Learn from each other and from the challenges of life’s lessons. The first lesson is the hardest for to not learn it means death to the Spark. Al, life takes from life to survive but nothing in nature takes more then it can use or needs. No life in nature takes another life for sport or for pleasure. Humans like to tel, themselves they are so different, so much more then the rest of life but this is just a justification. It’s easy to use something you say is less or not feeling. All life feels pain, fear and can suffer. Indeed al, suffering of the life in this planet is caused by humans,. I’m sorry, I love teal as I do any strong woman. But she is unbalanced and making the same mistakes as the men did. It was man’s sin that caused the sickness here and he has paid for it dearly. The humans are less then they were, not more. Just because they say they aren’t doesn’t mean anything, humans do not dictate the nature of reality. Your belief Doesn’t change reality. It only distorts your perception of reality. To insist your distorted perception of reality is reality and fight and kill over who’s distorted perception is better is evil. Good never destroys evil. Good doesn’t do evil even to save evil from itself. The truth is good lives evil. Because true love is like freedom. It is all or it not true love, it is not freedom. That would be pride and privilege.

  9. HOW I WISH I had known about Teal years ago…I can understand her concepts without thinking she is nuts…LOL…Now at 72 yrs. I may have a life before I drop this body…She is sooo intelligent and I love it….

  10. That s the lonelyiest moment when I had rise from the Ashes ,only one on the Planet,Create a Heart Attack so I can Leave.and wonder why I have hit Rock Bottom so many Times .Each time I went through that it Felt Good that many years pasted, sometimes, every day was more pain than Broken Bones , or Sickness of any kind,.When over ,I always felt that was not so Bad .

  11. They are just so tired of standing up around minute 45, you can see in their face they can't wait for it to be over 😛

  12. Question Miss Swan?What happens when your mother breaks your nose and abandons you at Burger King at the age of four. And your ex black panther turned Pimp For survival farther Splits too and you come into the world with a shattered sense of ancestral belonging?ive always lived with two worlds to choose from. I could go live in the ghetto or I can go live in whiteville.It’s like I never had a choice and ive gotten to a point where I don’t feel anything but shame for being anywhere!?! When I’m at my white girlfriends house I feel ashamed for not visiting the ghetto and when I’m in the ghetto I feel shame for not being in Whiteville.I’m so tired of all the division and the fact that my girlfriend lives in a whole different world than I do! No matter who I’m around it always feels like I belong to some world out of a storybook that no one remembers! I’m an Indian not a whiteman!I was born into A shamans Ways. It’s in my blood and I can’t help it! I don’t suspect you’l actually answer my question ,but thank you for providing some clarity. I appreciate you miss swan! Peace be the journey sister! Halito!👂🏽☝🏾👋🏾

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